Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Fun Workout Tights.

I've been seeing a lot of crazy fashion print tights and capris at the gym lately. At first I was sure I could never pull something like that off (all my workout tights are black) but I'm starting to get into the idea and some of the prints are ridiculous in the best way:


  1. The Under Armour tights from the photos are great! Yep, most of my tights is either black or grey, but I have a nice blue and hot pink pair from New Balance which i loooove.

  2. *delurks*

    Speaking of crazy fashion, I couldn't help but notice that you haven't lowfiled the Shortorialist lately. (Sorry, that should be "profiled" and "Sartorialist.") I hope you haven't received a shrink and desist letter from his attiny. Sorry, stumpthing seems to be wrong with my autocorrect. You get the pixie…(I mean picshort…oh, I give up.)

    Anyhow, I quite enjoy your observations about Squat's…I mean Scott's…site. I also enjoy all your other posts!

    *retreats back into shadow*

    1. Oh, yeah! I miss the Shobbit - Camilla dialogues. Maybe she got stuck on a top tippy shelf and there is nobody to rescue her, as even a grown-up ladder is too big of a challenge for some of the Munchkin world.

  3. Fun workout leggings are wonderful. I highly recommend Monster Muffin for fun, colorful, well-made capris and leggings. She's a Canadian who makes roller derby uniforms.


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