Monday, March 23, 2015

Adrien: Spring Wish List.

As per usual, I want All The Things. It's that magical time of year when I desperately want spring clothings but a) everything in the stores is a super terrible shade of fleshy pink and b) it's still 43 degrees outside. Mother eff.

But! I still want and I'm trying to be strategic about it. I AM TRYING. Here are the things currently on my spring wish list (and you'll notice a lot of it is the same as what I wanted last year. At least I'm consistent.)

One Really Great Pair of Shoes.

I freaking love these:

Chie Mihara mystery shoes
So so much. Enough to save like a crazy person to buy them. There's just one problem - they only exist on that one website and they're sold out of my size. They have a (way more expensive) yellow-heeled version but my heart wants red and only red. This is not a real problem, I know, but I love them and I can't have them and it's irritating.

Easy Floaty Blouses.

Maeve Pintuck Peasant Blouse
If I had a uniform, it would be this - skinny jeans, floaty blouse, cute shoes, jacket. I am having a hard time finding blouses I like that don't cost eleventy million dollars. I am okay with synthetics but I am not okay paying eleventy million dollars for synthetics.

More Everlane T-Shirts

Everlane Cotton V
I love my plain white v-neck t-shirt a lot and now I want all the glorious sad-hipster colors too.

A New Casual Spring Dress. (Or Two.)

Relaxed Holiday Dress

I have a couple of casual dresses from last spring/summer that I think are about done, so time to find replacements. I want to find some easy, cute options that are also decent quality. Boden comes to mind, I just need to bite the bullet and order a few. This pintuck dress looks like it would be a great easy summer option and the t-shirt dress has been tempting me for a while.

Cobalt Blue Jeans
Jen7 Skinny Jeans
I've been seeing bright cobalt blue jeans in the stores lately and I am pretty sure I need a pair. Maybe this pair of Hudsons. That is all.

A Neutral Hobo-Style Bag. Specifically this one

Too Hot To Handle Hobo

I know I just talked about this bag but I'm convinced it's the the perfect spring-summer version of my black Hillier hobo. Slightly obsessed.


  1. OMG those shoes. Amazing. I googled and the style seems to be called Heyou - I see a wood heel version but not the red. The red is killer, but the wood is nice too - way better than the yellow.

    1. I've seen those! Cute, but man, that red heel.

  2. Tell me the Everlane white t was actually not see-through! I have been on the hunt for a scoopneck/vneck white t forever and have never pulled the trigger with Everlane..

    1. Not see-through but not super thick either. Somewhere in the middle.

  3. Oh, those shoes. They are so great!

    1. I like the wooden sole option, as well, that might work better for me. If I was going to buy them, which I am not. Absolutely not. Don't need more shoes.

      Help me be strong. . .

    2. My issue with the wood heel version is that the colors in the woven part are red and brown, not black and white. I don't wear a lot of brown so they wouldn't work for my wardrobe. Plus, they'll go on sale eventually.

  4. I adore the Boden Casual Weekend Dress and Casual Jersey Dress- both are knit cotton and super comfy. I've bought 1-2 each summer for the last 3 years and wear them like crazy, but they hold up really well. Also loving the Boden Claire top and Scarlett top, so much so that I might have ordered each in a second color. Might as well set up direct deposit right from my bank account to Boden, since they seem to get all my $$.
    As for the MJ bag, I hear ya. I just bought 2 new ones, but they're both fall/winter colors and now I'm dying for a Spring one! It's so bad, I need to control myself.