Thursday, May 21, 2015

Banana Republic Spring Collection aka I Am A Terrible Friend.

My BFF Kate sent me the following message along with a forwarded email from Banana Republic, subject line: "The 5 best pants to wear now." 

K: Lately I feel like Banana sends me these emails trying to convince me that I should style myself to look like an asshole. Like other people might be able to pull some of this stuff off, but if I tried it - asshole.

A: If you wear those gauchos I will not be your friend anymore. (Lunch tomorrow?)

K: I feel like we should go try them on for science. 

A: I don't like science but I think you might be right.

I just want to point out that this was her idea. (though I might have handed her some things and said, "You should try this on. HAHAHA!" before sprinting away.) First, let's get the gauchos over with:

Kate is wearing the Wide-Leg Gaucho Pant with the Stripe Cropped Sweatshirt and it's...not really working. Cropped with cropped doesn't do anyone any favors and those gauchos are Not Good. Are they ever good? Here I am wearing the gauchos in black with the Striped Modal Pocket Tee which I really kind of liked (the tee, not the gauchos):


MOVING ON. I threw the Heritage Printed Jumpsuit at Kate because I'm mean and she's a good sport:

It was a size too small but I still think it looked really cute on her! I am not generally a fan of jumpsuits but that works surprisingly well. I grabbed some of the blue Moto Zip Drapey Pant because I thought they'd be the worst, but they were really comfortable and had potential:

Except for the giant zipper pockets which ruined EVERYTHING and made my hips look huge. Stop this madness, BR! 

Kate tried on the regular Drapey Pant which were really cute on her, despite the Stripe Cropped Sweatshirt which is just such an unfortunate thing:

Speaking of unfortunate things, these Floral Jacquard Boy Crop pants are not for me: 

I liked them in theory but the fit was way off. WAY off. I mean, why such a huge waist? And more pocket-issues? I need to have a little chat with whoever is doing this. Oh Banana, you give and you take away. *sigh*

If I have somehow accidentally tempted you to buy something you should know that code BRSUMMER will get you 40% off plus 8.0% cash back with eBates. (Please don’t buy the gauchos, is all I ask.)


  1. Lol I love the look on your face in the last pic Adrien. Thankfully you have not tempted me into buying anything. That striped modal tee is cute though!

  2. OMG you guys look cute even tho those clothes are ugh. At least it seems fun! Shobbit pants for everyone!

  3. WHY is this happening?

    1. I KNOW. I KNOW. I don't understand it. Horrifying.

  4. So funny! Love the pictures. I think the jumpsuit looks cute too!

  5. A plague of horrible, terrible pants is upon us!!! And the flares (gagging)...

    Cute jumpsuit though!