Monday, May 11, 2015

Review: Lotta From Stockholm Peep Toe Clog Sandals.

This is kind of a fake review since I've already reviewed my black pair, but that was two years ago and now I have a shiny new pair of Lotta From Stockholm peep toes in red! Hooray! I am happy to report that I like my red pair just as much as my black pair. They're comfortable right out of the box which makes no sense. I wore them all day on Saturday and again yesterday morning and they're perfect. I know they absolutely look like shoes that will hurt you, but I swear I don't even have to use blister stuff and I have really sensitive feet. For size reference, I wear a US 8 and got them in a 39. I love them:

Lotta from Stockholm

Total man-repellers and not a style for everyone, but I've never cared about that. Wear what you like! The red is bright and orange-leaning, definitely a cadmium red, which I think is great for summer. I am going to wear these A TON. A couple of hints if you're thinking about getting a pair or already have. Rub a little olive oil into the wood sides to help to waterproof them. Also, if the wood gets dirty (and it will) you can clean it up with very fine sandpaper.

Also, I just don't understand why they nearly identical Swedish Hasbeens cost twice as much. Not worth it! Get the Lottas.


  1. I'm a walker. Like, I walk 4 to 6 miles a day often. Will these be good for lots o' walking?

    1. I don't do a ton of walking so I can't really say if they'd work for you. They probably aren't commuting shoes, but for an average day (for me) they're comfortable.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I hope they will restock the size 10s. The only 10s are in the low heel version, which don't have as good reviews. Thanks for giving me something to add to my wish list.

  3. I bought these and they are comfortable but I'm not sure about a full day of walking. I do have a pair of Danskos that are discontinued (look like Maisie but open toe) and those are fantastic. I wore them for days of sightseeing in hot humid DC without a problem.

  4. Those are SO cute.. good to know that they're actually comfortable despite the fact that they look like foot-destroyers.

    I don't get why the Swedish Has beens are twice the price either- and bonus, Lotta has wonderful and prompt customer service ( I was in contact with them once and they were adorable, and so many reviews rave about their CS too)


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