Friday, May 15, 2015

Cute Boy Friday.

So, it's come to my attention that a lot of Americans don't know about my favorite band, the Kaiser Chiefs. You should really fix this. Really. I'll wait.

Okay, now please observe how freaking cute the lead singer Ricky Wilson is:

And hey, he looks very good in a suit:

And now please observe how I completely and totally lost my cool last weekend and this happened:

Worth it.


  1. Man, I went through a time where I had Ruby looping in my iphone, super cool. So wait, explain! How'd you get...what, backstage? Or was this another event or....

    You both look adorable :) Good job, fangirl :)

  2. I'd be the same way if i got bsckstage to see Matt Berninger of The National who, it so happens, also looks great in a suit! squeeeeeeeee........!


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