Friday, May 1, 2015

Cute Boy Friday!

I know I just asked for recs but Marianne requested Jason Momoa and what Marianne wants, Marianne should get. SO. I should start by saying that I wasn't entirely sold. I mean, he often looks like this:

Which, okay. I am guessing Drogo is badass and all, but he definitely smells terrible. No question. But I kept looking and heeeeey:

This works out really well, I think. I mean, this does not suck AT ALL. Also:

Just downright adorable, really. I mean, come on. And of course he is married to Lisa Bonet because who the hell else could he be married to but Lisa Bonet? 

Wow. High five, Bonet. HIGH FIVE. 


  1. Picture No. 3... My, oh, my... Thank you!!

  2. Of course he is married to Lisa Bonet. The universe makes perfect sense sometimes.

  3. Although he's attractive in his own way, far too bulky and yes, I agree; smelly looking for me...I think he also has some stuff caught in his beard/moustache. Beurk. Lisa Bonet - she's just unbelievably beautiful, isn't she?

    OK, I was going to send in a rec for monsieur Zinedine Zidane this week. You know, if Naohito wasn't going to make the final cut.. Then I discovered another Japanese cutie.

    But still, first- go look at Zizou: just to see how he good he still, always, looks.
    Like every single photo. That's hard to do. Even with that slighly odd V-shaped head shave thing.
    Deal clincher: although he's a handsome devil, he's a genuinely nice guy.

    So here's the Nihonjin, in case you're curious:

    I just saw him in a movie last night, playing a Heian period noble. Even with that funny headdress, he was cute. So I googled him. Without the headress? Bonjour.

    There's just so much to choose from.

    (if you want to see him in period dress, google "Ommyoji" with his name. ;))