Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Scrolldown Takes Manhattan.

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A: Please explain what is happening here:

image: The Sartorialist

L: Hold on, I can't catch my breath from laughing.

A: "Hello? Yes? What is it? I'm in the middle of... something."

L: I think I've had dreams like this!

A: Right? It's like the dream where you are back in high school but wearing just underwear. Or muppet slippers.

L: Like I hope this Shel Silverstein poem is framed on his wall:

A: You know what? Never mind. It's too crazy.

L: Go on...

A: Lili, maybe those are just his shoes.

L: NO! No? No. Yes?

A: I mean, he's outside. With a coat on. And it's cold enough for gloves. WHY WOULD HE BE WEARING FUZZY SLIDES.

L: If only he were Japanese I would think that he stepped outside to make a quick phone call and didn't remember to put his outside shoes on.

A: See, if he didn't have the coat and gloves, I'd buy that. I think those are his outside shoes.

A: PeeEss

L: Maybe he needs an outside hat to go with these.

A: I think the Fashion People would totally dig that.

L: I'm giving this outfit a soundtrack.

A: Well! That just made my day. #90sforever


  1. No you guys, I think they may be high fashion Birkenstocks? I read about this phenomenon in the New Yorker. Some kind of new fur trend?

    1. OK, these aren't exactly the same, but clearly the same idea:

      Now I'm just curious...

    2. Guys, they are even in Pantone's color of the year, Marsala.

  2. Some of the Shobbit's acolytes regarded this look as "edgy" and "tounge in a cheek". I just feel sorry for the poor guy who forgot to change into his pyjamas.

    1. Or just gross. Men's toes should remain covered. Always.