Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer.

Oooooh, fancy lipgloss, why can't I resist you? I innocently went to Sephora on my lunch break the other day to hit them up for a sample of Sunday Riley Good Genes, which I'm convinced will change my life because Caroline Hirons says it will. I do understand the folly in that statement. (Does anyone use it? Does it live up to the hype?)

Anyway, like you do, I thought maybe I'd look for a new lipgloss, something kind of fun for summer but nothing too pigmented or flashy. I am attracted to the Marc Jacobs Beauty display like a moth to a flame because the packaging! It is ON POINT. It's so smooth and appealing and luxe. It's weighty and stylish. These things matter! The sales assistant who made up my sample suggested that the Sephora brand lipgloss was pretty good but I checked it out and nope. It smells just turrible and the packaging is the worst. SO, GUESS I HAVE TO BUY MARC JACOBS OOPS.

I spent some time trying to pick a color and after burning my lips off trying on most of them (ow) I settled on this one:

Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess

It's appropriately named Rebel Rebel because if you want me to buy something, name it after a Bowie song. Seriously. If there was a car called Moonage Daydream I would be driving it. I'm that easy. Luckily, this lip gloss is basically perfect so I don't have to be embarrassed that I bought it just because of the name.

The color is described as "blue-raspberry shimmer" which confused me until I took a really close look at the tube and realized there was, indeed, tiny blue iridescent shimmer in my lip stuff. David Bowie would absolutely approve. Anyway, on my face it looks like a berry-neutral in a shiny my-lips-but-better way. Most neutrals look kind of dead and chalky on me but this isn't that at all. I dig it. Here it is on me:

We like dancing and we look divine

So, there you have it. Am I the only one who buys makeup because of the name? Probably just me.


  1. I will buy any nail polish because of the name. Case in point "Electric Lizard" nail polish lives in my cabinet. Am I going to paint my nails bright green? Absolutely not. Had to do it anyway.

  2. Very cool- looks great on you- and you have to be loving those bangs, they really suit you.

    No, I won't buy something for the name- I'll be tempted, but if I don't like how it looks on me, likely not..

    The other side of the coin being, if I hate the name, I am equally reluctant to buy a product, however great.

    Of course if something had my name, I'd have to get at least one, I'm sure :)

    So- new collection?

    Lipstick: Lady Grinning Soul
    Lipgloss: The Prettiest Star
    Eyeshadow: Velvet Goldmine
    Mascara: TVC15
    Mascara (waterproof): Stay
    Blush: Oh You Pretty Things
    Eyeliner: Word on a Wing
    Foundation: Win
    Loose powder: Thin White Duke

    Travel palette: Station to Station

    1. I would BUY ALL THOSE THINGS. It's seriously like you picked all my favorite songs.

  3. :) The man's a genius.

    Hey! Isn't there an eponymous lipstick for you by Chanel? Yup- #402 :)
    Vas y Mademoiselle Adrienne!