Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Royal Babby!

A: I think we should name the new royal baby. How about: Princess Madisen Braylee Kayden Windsor.

L: Princess Fiona Pearl Ocelot Windsor.

A: Yours is much more English, I have to admit.

L: I think I may have subconsciously influenced by Princess Consuela Banana Hammock:

A: Completely understandable. But! If we want to go super English we should name her:

Princess Fionnula Imogen Codswallop Prunella Windsor.

Or something like that. Just a suggestion

L: Oh that's SO English! But is it possible to be a wee more Brit? Like HRH Beatrix Tea-and-Biscuit West End?

A: Well, that's just silly.

A: Also, it's not...normal for a woman to look so lovely and bouncy 10 hours after giving birth, right? There's witchcraft involved?

L: A. A stylist was involved. B. The best genes in the universe.

A: Oh, I know she has People, but still.

L: I think if you are a princess, you are magic. It's a job requirement.

A: Can we be princesses? I'd have to change my name.

L: I feel like you could keep yours! You just need to add three middle names to keep it regal.

A: Well, I do have two middle names and one of them is Camilla, so...



A: Oh, and spoiler alert, they named her without consulting us: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

I guess that's okay.

L: Son of a bitch. At least we were close.

A: We were SO close.


  1. The patriotic Irish in me is offended (jk not really offended just feels need to point out) that Fionnuala is an Irish name dontchanow. The British may not steal it, no siree.

  2. Codswallop must be British to the core! By the way, I kind of feel for the Duchesse of Cambridge - if she's all made up, radiant and her hair is perfect, she's being judged for creating an unrealistic image of a woman who just gave birth. Had she shown without make up, with her hair still greasy from all the sweating and staying in bed, wearing a hospital bathrobe, she would have been judged for supporting a cliche image of a woman who just gave birth. She can do no right!

  3. I totally missed this post; so now I'm going to guess at her nickname, which I assume will be Crumpet. Crumpy when she gets to school.