Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adrien: Shopping My Closet

I all but stopped wearing skirts in the winter because I think mine look weird with sweaters but I did it anyway because I'm cold and who cares and I need to wear something that I haven't worn in a while because I hate all my clothes:

Actually, I'm okay with this. I'm wearing my super favorite J.Crew cashmere v-neck which I got from the warehouse sale and might be the men's version. So soft. I'm also wearing an old and awesome leopard print skirt from Ann Taylor. They have a really cute leopard sweater right now, but no skirts unless this one counts. For real leopard skirt action, I'm liking this Norma Kamali skirt (it's on sale) and this one by Thalia Sodi is straight up bonkers, but in a good way. 

Mine has an exposed zipper and a kick pleat which means it looks good from the back. I KNOW! SEE WHAT I DID THERE. My boots, which you really can't see, are Vince Camuto and I like this update quite a bit. The gold zipper! 

Details! Here is my awesome rose gold Giles and Brother hook pendant. It's still available in sterling silver but otherwise nope. I just discovered they make this freaking awesome wishbone necklace and now I want to abandon this entry so I can rush off to check it out like the Terget lady

Fine, I'll stay. I'm wearing a leather cuff made by Fisticuffs which I've had forever and it's still making me happy. Frye makes a similar version. I'm also wearing my new Pied-De-Biche G&B bracelet that Kate gave me for my birthday. There's also a beautiful silver version. And oh! My beloved skinny railroad cuff is on sale! 

Oh, hey! Here is my bag which is also something you can't buy, I'm sorry. It's an Andrea Brueckner and reminds me of the glorious Mulberry Bayswater which you might or might not be able to buy. Okay, maybe this nice Lodis satchel? Target also has you covered. 

That's all I got today, kids. Have a good Thursday! 

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