Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fashion Hell Portals.

M: God I just saw these really adorable jeans on a blog and clicked the link and WHELP:

Valentino contrast-hem high-rise jeans
A: I mean, do you have to pay your mortgage?

M: I was hoping they would be $120. God.

A: I am sort of breathless.

M: It's like I have opened some kind of portal.

A: A hell portal? Or just a new dimension?

M: Yes.

A: This is terrible to admit, but if I had the kind of money where a $990 pair of jeans was something I could afford, I'd probably do it.

M: Oh me too. I like to think I wouldn't, but I would.

A: I totally would. And I'd have glorious, glorious handbags that cost as much as cars.

M: I would be a horrible horrible person.

M: "What? This old thing?"

A: I just hissed through my teeth.

A: "It's just my lame everyday bag."

M: This reminds me of this article, which features not one but TWO $40,000 bags, including a crocodile backpack. I'll just leave you with this.

A: Goodbye cruel world.


  1. From the article: "Pair knit socks with your evening pumps for extra dose of attention."

    Uh, yeah. If I tried that I'd get an extra dose of attention all right.

  2. I freaked out and vacillated for like three solid weeks about buying a $285 Frye bag that was absolutely the perfect EVERYTHING that I needed (and which has become the Last Bag I'll Ever Use) ...


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