Monday, February 8, 2016

Evil Youth Hair.

M: I used a Leonor Greyl masque last night and two people have told me my hair looks like a shampoo ad today. Damn them.

A: Those bastards

M: It is really shiny and bounty. Those assholes.

A: I love the volume shampoo so much. $50 shampoo jerkwads.

M: They are the WORST.

A: The French think they so fancy.

M: Seriously it looks like I just got my color refreshed. This has to be made out of something evil.

A: It’s made out of baby unicorn blood and puppy tears. I hope you’re happy.

M: So bouncy. Youth hair.

A: Now I kind of hate you.

M: I’m not even sorry.

A: I understand


A: Your harrrrrrr! You are the worst.



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  1. Found 7 oz for $25.99 including shipping on ebay for $25.99. just sayin'. ...


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