Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): 20% Off At Boden.

It is somehow still February and 40 degrees and pouring down rain. I am taking this personally so I've started to scour the Internets for spring inspiration because screw this winter crap. I'm over it. I found that Boden has a 20% with code 4A5M plus get 4.0% cash back with eBates. (My referral link. This code is only good for the next three days on full priced items, but it's a great way to get that coveted spring item before it sells out. Here's what I love: 

There are striped dresses and there are striped dresses. This one is the latter and I want it:

Colourblock Tunic Dress

Oh, just your perfect, adorable, comfortable casual dress that goes with basically everything:

Casual Weekend Dress

This. This cloud print blouse is what you reach for again and again when you don't want to just wear a tee shirt, but you don't want to look too dressed up either: 

Boho Jersey Top

Striped shirt with retro flair and zipper details! Ahhh! I want this:

Maggie Ottoman Top

Come on. Peacock feather flats? These are just plain fun and would look great with cuffed jeans: 

Peacock Shoe

Finally, I love a bright red shoe and even though the Rockstud thing is tired, this take on it seems subtle and fresh:

Bonnie Studded Flat

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  1. Goddamn Boden makes me weep, on the regular. They do not -- DO NOT -- cut for my bust. I know this, I fully know this, and yet, I keep trying. No no no. Sadness ensues.


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