Thursday, December 17, 2020

BUY THIS (Because I Already Did): Dumb Things I Bought Lately.

Listen, I'm not made of stone. Every holiday season when I shop for other people I somehow manage to buy myself one. more. little. thing. Here's what I bought lately that I am pretty happy about:

I've been taking brisk morning walks a few times a week to try to keep that alive feeling going and decided that I needed convertible mittens for these walks so my hands don't fall off. I found a pair I love at Target! Yup. They're cute and have little magnets to hold the convertible flap (and also to keep them stuck together so you don't lose just one.) They won't be warm enough if you live in the arctic, but they're fine for normal winter temps. 

I keep meaning to review this J.Crew cotton terry turtleneck top I bought but it's not exactly the most glamorous and flattering piece of clothing I own. It is, however, cozy af and easy to layer and I like it quite a lot. It's also REALLY on sale right now. I also ordered this sweatshirt in raw indigo and, while the color was beautiful, the fit was really weird. (I returned it.) 

I might have just yesterday bought this leopard print strap from Madewell because with the discount code it is TWELVE AMERICAN DOLLARS and change. Crazy! I would spend that on a sandwich! But, since I'm making my own sandwiches these days, I bought a strap instead. In related news this very cool snakeskin strap is only $14 with the discount code AND my favorite little paperclip chain necklace is under $23 right now, just saying. Madewell is having A SALE. 

One last thing. I posted back in October about how much I love this Wander mascara I got in an Allure box and was curious about the rest of the line. I recently got a sample of the Wander Nude Illusion foundation and liked it so much I bought the full size. It's so nice! I use a small amount applied with a sponge and it feels super light on my face. The finish is lovely, that your-skin-but-better appearance. Really nice stuff. The only thing I don't like is the applicator - whhhhy the giant doe foot? It's so pointless and it splatters if you pull it out too fast. Other than that, I'm really happy with this foundation. 


  1. Better than the Supergoop CC cream one? May need to try it...

    1. They're different products - this is just foundation. The SuperGoop is tinted sunscreen. I like and use both, but the Wander foundation definitely has a more finished look and isn't as shiny.


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