Thursday, December 31, 2020

We Discuss: Need. What Is This Word?

M: When I say Loft is giving away clothes I mean Loft is GIVING AWAY CLOTHES

A: Aw crap. Did you buy anything?

M: I wasn’t going to and then I did because I found a hole in one of my favorite sweaters

A: Show meee

M: K hang on

M: This for $14

A: Oh, that’s so cute!

M: This for $16

A: That is very up my alley

M: This for $8

A: You found some good stuff

M: This for $11

A: Ugh, stop making me want stuff

M: This for $16 to try and replace my holey one

M: This for $16 because it will be good on zoom

A: That is VERY you

M: And this for $22 because I don’t have many things I can wear with leggings and cover my butt

M: 7 things for $100 but did I NEED THEM? No

A: What is “need”

M: Exactly

M: I’m bummed about this sweater though. I’m wearing it here. Just a cheap H&M v-neck but it fit perfectly

A: Aww, that sucks. And look how cute you are in that hotel

M: 😭😭😭

A: I remember hotels

A: Last night I had to talk myself down from an AllSaints leather jacket that wasn’t even really my size but they're having a great sale.

M: Hahahaha

M: Link obviously

A: I think it’s sold out, hang on

M: I bought that faux leather jacket (which is honestly great), wore several times in Seattle, and it’s hung in my closet ever since because of covid

A: Here, this one:

A: Please note, I HAVE a grey leather moto jacket

A: I also have a black one

A: But I was still like…maybe

M: I am saying nothing

A: It’s gone. The moment has passed.

M: 😂

A: Honestly, my favorite things that I already own right now are my new Quince sweaters and my reflective leopard leggings.

A: Not necessarily worn together (though I might, who knows)

M: Heheh

A: The Quarantimes have completely changed how I dress

M: Other than almost never wearing real shoes I feel like I wear the same old shit

A: Here's to a Happy New Year in which we can, like, wear real shoes again! 

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  1. Lots of fun things in the Loft sale! 72% of sale stuff? Yes please! I’m going to be on a lot more zoom calls this year and needed to up my WFH wardrobe.