Thursday, December 3, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Problem Solving.

 Y'all. I AM HAVING A DAY. It started with me burning my breakfast croissant beyond recognition followed by waiting too long into the morning to take outfit photos so I am sharing the stage with a rapidly approaching sunbeam that was all, OMG HERE I AM THE SUNBEAM WHO IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND. WE ARE FRIENDS RIGHT?? I WILL COME CLOSER NOW.


Anyway, I managed to take some of the worst-lit photos of all time (including one in which I legit looked like a zombie) but here are a few that I salvaged:

That sun beam is aggressive. ANYWAY, for some seasonal cheer, I pulled out my favorite sweater from last year, the Lena funnelneck by French Connection. It's still available as long as you don't want red,  sorry! But, it's super comfy and great to wear with leggings or skinny jeans and boots. For something similar in red, there's this very nice cashmere version here, or a good cheap 'n cheerful version here. To split the difference, I think this specked version is REAL cute. 

I've been trying to switch out my jackets (I have a lot of good ones) and give everyone a turn. Lately I've become re-enamored with this leather jacket - my Veda Jayne. It's hard to find something similar in pale grey but this moto jacket comes in some fun colors and AllSaints has a beautiful jacket in off-white. Anyway, I bought it secondhand and don't wear it enough. It's seriously the NICEST leather and it's lined with flannel so it's actually pretty warm. However, there is a problem. When I bought it the buckle was broken, which I should have just left alone. Instead I found a replacement and got it fixed, but the replacement is heavy af. Lesson: Do not put anything labeled "heavy duty" on a jacket because this happens:

The weight of the buckle literally pulls the jacket into accordion folds. It also clangs around and drives me crazy. The belt is sewn in and not removable but I was actually going to ask you guys if I should just cut it off. However! It occurred to me that maybe a lighter 2" buckle existed in the world and I went a-searching and I think I found one. Phew. I am going to get this jacket fixed AGAIN but then it will be perfect. Thank you for helping me solve that problem. On to details: 

I'm wearing my crystal pendant necklace from Twist Style and it feels like the kind of thing you can wear over a funnel neck without it looking weird, right? 

And yay, my Dr. Marten Leonore boots (more sizes here)! It's finally been cold enough to wear them and they are so far pleasing me a lot. They're stompy and un-delicate but I think I need the visual balance. Plus, so warm! I'm glad I bought them. That's it for today! I'm off to hang out with my new aggressive sun beam friend I guess. 


  1. I have eyeballed that sweater (in the yellow) previously and it looks great on you! A funnel neck is a great compromise between a too-tight turtleneck and a shivery scoopneck sweater.

    Your sunbeam looks like an alien laser.

  2. Looks great - that red is really good on you! How is the sizing in that sweater, please?

    1. It runs big!

  3. I took the belt off my moto jacket for the same reason, and I don't miss it at all. I thought it would be bug me that the loops were just hanging out there useless, but they just add a little detail. Annoying that this is sewn in!

    You'll still likely get some clanging with the replacement one. Maybe a little dab of white glue to attach the pin to the frame of the buckle (if you never tie the belt) or a little bit of white tac, will help reduce the noise.

    1. It's not so much that it makes noise but it's SO heavy that it swings into things (car doors, etc.) to the point that I'm worried about breaking stuff!


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