Monday, December 21, 2020

Outfit of the Day: How Much Is Too Much?

 Something about this leopard jacket just makes me so happy. It's a LOT all by itself but that's the best part - you wear the jacket and keep everything else pretty simple:

First, this Avec Les Filles wool leopard jacket is currently $65! It's an oversized style and I'm wearing a medium, if that helps. It's really soft and I love the longer length, which is unusual for a moto style.

I started pretty simple with Madewell skinny jeans and an older style of Madewell boots, similar to these beauties. I'm also wearing a thrifted black cashmere sweater similar to this one but it's slightly too small and ain't a keeper. (Related: Stay tuned for my upcoming Quince cashmere review!) I'm carrying my usual Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody with a Madewell strap similar to this one

How ridiculous is this pic? BUT, I have to tell you guys I am still wearing and loving my Ray Ban Meteor Wayfair sunglasses - they're pretty much all I wear. They are not subtle but that's why I love them! I'm also wearing a necklace by Twist Style. Now, I'm all set to go to the grocery store... or somewhere else equally mundane. What can you do?

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