Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Tonal Dressing.

One thing I learned from Jenna Lyons's new show (which we are definitely going to talk about) is that the thing I've been trying to avoid doing is actually TOTALLY OKAY TO DO. It was like someone suddenly gave me permission to wear all my favorite things without worrying about it being three shades of olive green, or in this case, black/grey: 

Yesss. It feels a little goth, which I am enjoying quite a lot. The cardigan is really the star here - it was a Christmas gift from Nina! It's the Barefoot Dreams Calypso Wrap Cardigan which is sold out, though there is a newer version available in solid colors. For something similar, I love this cashmere dip dyed version and this one is more expensive but so pretty. There's also this one which has a bit more shape. I do love a drape-y cardigan!

My boots are of course my Dr Marten Leonore (reviewed here) which have been a lot of fun and are very, very warm. These sell out every winter but there are more sizes available in the Serena style

My pants are my MVP Athleta Headlands Hybrid cargo tights which are on sale right now in the non-cargo style. I wear them an embarrassing amount. I'm also wearing this Madewell tee which I initially loved but it stretches out to infinity so I'm still looking for the perfect long-sleeved cotton layering tee! (Suggestions?) My bag is my old MBMJ hobo, vaguely similar to this style

I keep wearing my Dean Davidson tassel necklace even though there's nothing even remotely similar online right now! Maybe something like this layered tassel or this beaded version? Sorry, I'm no help at all. 


  1. I swear by the Caslon cotton t-shirts from Nordstrom. The short-sleeve ones are the "rounded v-neck t-shirt" and the long-sleeve ones are the "long sleeve crew neck t-shirt". They do also have scoop necks for both, which is generally what I buy. They are cut a little generously in the waist, which I really appreciate.

  2. I'm trying to stop shopping at Amazon, but this is my current favorite layering tee: https://www.amazon.com/Core-10-Womens-Cotton-Heather/dp/B07M7TQ1HC?ref_=ast_sto_dp

    The Universal Standard long-sleeve tee-rex is my other fave - but the solid colors have cuffed sleeves (which I love!), which makes them a bit harder for layering.

  3. Those cardigans are so cute but for the love of Pete what is it with the no pockets. A comfy cardigan needs a pocket for your phone or chapstick. I will die on this hill.

  4. Uuuughhhh. I now own my 5th and 6th pair of those Headland hybrid tights. Or will once they get here. They are one of the only things I will buy full price from Athleta, but they get worn enough for all the things (hiking and work and home and going out) that it's worth it. Those and the old Trekkie cargo skorts are my favorite travel bottoms, too.

    1. They really are the best! I now have two pairs and I want more.

  5. I have been surprisingly pleased with the fitted tees from Land’s End. Good length in body and sleeves, very nice fabric, good array of colors. They hold up exceptionally well too. No fading.


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