Thursday, April 28, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): More Red Shoes.

As promised, I've rounded up a bunch of red shoes that I would personally love to have in my closet. (A few are currently hanging out in online shopping carts, perhaps to be purchased, we shall see.) Here's what I found:

Hi! Let's start with these amazing lil weirdoes, shall we? they're by Camper so you know they'll be comfortable and they have the odd cool edginess I adore. And that color! Someone buy these, please.

Oops. Those Cariuma sneakers also come in red. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOSE. HOW. These are giving me classic red Keds vibes (my sneaker of choice when I was a little kid.) 

Ooh, aren't these cute and summery? They're J.Crew and come in several colors but I think we can agree this flame orange-red color is 100% the way to go. 

These are Loft and they're on sale! I'm not usually a huge fan of Loft shoes but these are real leather and such a perfect color. Plus, 1970s clog vibes! 

Loafers are really in right now but always seem a bit too preppy for me. The solution: get them in poppy red nubuck. These look comfortable and classic but also very cool.  

Um, I am sorry to do this but if you want drop dead gorgeous red suede boots, this pair by Rag & Bone is 50% off. What are you waiting for? 

Okay, fine. Maybe that heel is a bit more than you want. How about these very sleek red suede Chelsea boots? They come in a bunch of colors but why would you do that? Just get the red pair. 

Ooh, now back to some fun. These studded clog sandals look so stompy and cool and I love that the studded leather strap continues behind the heel. 

Orrrrrr you could just go for the patent leather studded pair with rainbow stitching? I am just saying they are not messing around, these clogs. 

And, finally, I think this is the summer I buy a pair of EVA Birkenstocks. I have two friends who swear by them and now they come in amazing fashion colors (and metallics!) including this ruby red pair. How could I not? 


  1. I just bought the Camper mismatched sneakers in shades of red and I think you would approve. I love the Cariumas too - so straightforward!

  2. Just here to say that EVA Birkenstocks are the way to go! (I have the Gizeh style.) I love my (many) regular Birks, but the EVA ones are so convenient and you don't have worry about getting them wet.

  3. Have you ever tried Charlotte Stone shoes...I have a few prs..and just got the Anto's in fun! She has lots of fun styles and colors...I can always find something out of the bunch.

    1. I haven't! I just took a look at the website and they are FUN. Thanks for the rec!