Monday, April 11, 2022

Monday: Shopping Mistakes, I Make Them.

Lest you think every purchase I make is a winner and OMG MY NEW FAVORITE let me tell you about a couple of disappointments. I went to the mall last weekend to exchange two things that let me down and also to try on a bunch of stuff, some of which were disappointing (but not all!)

First, you know my new favorite Madewell Perfect Vintage mid-rise jeans? I wore them out last week and suddenly realized I could feel...a breeze. An ass breeze. Oh no:

KNOW. First, my apologies if you bought these jeans on my recommendation. I really love them and I was SO MAD that they self-destructed in less than a month. I own tons of Madewell denim and this is a first, so hopefully it's just a defective pair? I exchanged them for the exact same model (I seriously love the fit and the length is perfect) but I'm going to keep a close eye on the back pockets. I'll report back. 

While I was at Madewell I decided to try a few things on. First, I'm going to say that everyone that works at this Madewell location is adorable and helpful and they're all about 12 years old. I started to feel OLD on this shopping trip. Anyway, I pushed through and tried on the Eyelet Pull-On Midi Skirt I was so excited about but it was a disappointment:

It's hard to tell from that photo (though easy to tell from my face) that it wasn't a keeper. It's very pretty but super voluminous and puffy in the waist and hips, which is not a great look for me. I also tried on this Tie-Neck Tunic Top which I really loved:

I'm wearing a large because they didn't have a medium in store and it's definitely too big, but so pretty. I'll probably order it in the medium because I really liked it. Here's a more detailed shot:

So cute! Such springtime goodness! I then tried on the Brightside Ruffle Tank Mini Dress and my picture isn't doing it justice at all because the striped curtain messed with my camera:

I promise it's really cute and very simple - just a black tank with a tiered layer at the bottom. Perfect with a denim jacket and white sneakers. I bought it to try on with my own stuff at home because I was worried that I'd gone snow blind after trying on half the store. If I decide to keep it, I'll post an outfit later this week. 

Finally, I tried on this Banded Muscle Tee that surprised me by being super cute, especially with my high-waisted black Perfect Vintage jeans

This top is slightly cropped and I wish I'd tried on the next size up for a comparison (I'm wearing a medium), but I like how it works with high-waisted jeans - cute as is or with the hem tucked under for a blousy look. So easy and comes in a bunch of good colors. I didn't buy it but it's definitely under consideration for summer. 

After Madewell I marched over to Sephora to return the Dior Lipglow I ordered recently because I loved the sample so much. ( I mentioned it here.) The sample was creamy and had a sheer-but-obvious color. The full-size version? It was like wax - hard with no discernible tint. NOPE. Not for that price, Sephora. The sales assistant who helped me (cool as hell, flawless skin and makeup, also 12 years old) suggested I try this instead:

Y'all. This is THE BEST. It's Dior Addict Shine Lipstick and I am deeply in love with a lipstick for the first time in a long time. It's super hydrating, has amazing pigmentation and goes on like a dream. Also, the packaging is ridiculously nice in the way of high end brands. The color I got (980 Tarot) is so pretty:

Yay, a happy ending. But stay tuned for later this week when everything will probably disappoint me all over again! 

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