Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Weekend Shopping Report: What I bought, what I want.

I know it's Tuesday but I still want to tell you about my weekend purchases, okay? Okay:

Last Monday in my sale round up post I mentioned two things from Athleta I had my eye on. I ordered both and received them last Friday. First, this In Motion top:

I generally avoid seamless tops because they tend to cling to the parts of my body I'm not trying to highlight and I fully expected to return this top. But, the joke is on me - it's great.  It's hip length, fitted but not clingy, and it's got little hem grippers to keep in in place. The medium fits me perfectly and it's exactly the layer I needed for spring hikes and bike rides. Plus, it's kind of cute in general? Several of the reviews mention wearing this just as a top, which I can see myself doing. I'm already thinking about getting another one.

I also bought another Uptempo tank because it's the perfect workout tank for me - high neck coverage, soft and light, not too long or too short. It's comparable to the Vuori Energy tank but I prefer the Athleta version.  It also comes in a t-shirt version which I am very curious about! 

Gorjana just discontinued their referral program so I had some credits I had to use or lose. (Twist my arm! Also, thanks to the folks that shopped through my link.) I bought this compass necklace because I have tiny compass necklace that I love but I feel like it gets lost. So, this one instead:

It's definitely bolder and I think it'll look cute layered with some of my other 800 Gorjana necklaces. I'm such a one-trick pony. I promise to try and branch out.

Now, the stuff I want! I found Cariuma sneakers literally last week when I was looking for a good green pair to include in a post. I'd never heard of the brand but now I want a pair because, yes, I am capable of influencing myself. 

I probably won't get the green pair because I have a desperate need for a lightweight pair of bright white or light grey sneakers for summer. (Though the red is such a good red! Ugh.) Something to replace my Allbirds that are looking a little sad. We'll see. 

Finally, Marianne ordered this Westman Atelier mini set from Sephora and I waaaaant it.  I don't need it for anything but I can't resist a good set of minis and I already love the lit highlighter. I just have to wait until Thursday for the sad Insider discount because VIB I ain't. PS. The WA brushes are supposed to be amazing. 


  1. Can't wait for the review on the Cariumas. I've been eyeing the leather version for about 6 months.

  2. I'm also super-tempted by the Cariumas. Only problem is that I'm starting to get achy old lady feet. That's why I had to move away from the Allbirds. Would love to find out if the Cariumas are more supportive!

    And I'm also only eligible for the sad, sad Insider discount. How much slap do people have to buy to qualify for VIB??!!

    1. For VIB I think it's like $350 a year but if you want Rouge status it's $1,000 per year!

  3. I have VIB as my daughter is a product junkie. No Rouge status (when we get to that level she better have a job lol). Also, I am loving everything in Evereve's new catalogue. Evereve is my new go to!