Thursday, April 7, 2022

Outfit of the Day: It's a Maybe.

 One of the things I like about thrifting is that I can try things I might otherwise not wanted to invest in. I mean, $4 for a top that is probably really not my color? Eh, worth a shot. I thrifted this Everlane Japanese Goweave v-neck top because it was such an interesting cut and I wanted to see how it work work on me:

Blush is not really my color but it's just saturated enough to be flattering, maybe? Naturally it's sold out but I do really like the GoWeave fabric (even if I don't love Everlane) and the cut is interesting. What do you think? Should I keep this top or is it not for me? Naturally, it's sold out in every color, but for something similar, I really like the look of this top at Nordstrom and this one by Wilt, who makes really great tees. And, for something a bit dressier, this one at Ann Taylor looks quite nice. I also like this shirt from Madewell in a blush pink that would probably look terrible on me. Spring colors are tough. 

My pants are the Griff Fatigue from Madewell, which I purchased last fall. They're a nice jeans-alternative though they are verrrrry high waisted. I reviewed them here if you want more details! They're easy to wear, though and it makes me want another similar pair but perhaps with a mid-rise? Something like this pair at BR Factory maybe. 

I added my denim jacket so I don't freeze to death. My jacket is by Level 99 and it's sold out, but this one but Kut from the Kloth is very similar and cute. On to details: 

I pulled out my Lo & Sons Pearl bag (with a Madewell strap) just because I hadn't carried it in a while. It's a really good bag with excellent organization. It's also on sale right now! The leather is just so nice and I like that you can pick your lining and hardware color. 

Here's my big dumb face showing off my Gorjana necklaces - my Venice chain and my new compass pendant. Here's a more detailed look:

The compass pendant is so nice! It's the perfect size and I love that the chain has a bit of detailing. I'll be wearing this an obnoxious amount. And finally:

These were a Poshmark purchase - the Madewell Harper Mule in metallic gold. They are so pretty and I'm doing an okay jobs of walking in them. I just love a metallic, you know? These are available in black and saddle, but the metallic is sold out.  For something similar and shiny, this pair has a similar vibe and this cute pair has a very low heel if that's more your speed. Orrrrr, you could go full Comey. Sigh. Man, those are pretty. 


  1. I like it! It's a nice change for you. The question is, do YOU like it? Because that's what matters. I've been switching my own palette to softer colors over the past few years. It was terrifying at first--who WAS I when I wasn't wearing black? But now I'm comfortable with the softer tones (particularly earth tones) that are now part of my wardrobe. I think experimenting with thrifted items is an excellent idea! I did the same.

    1. I do! I just know that sometimes really pale colors can wash me out but I was like, this one maaaaybe works ok?

  2. I think the blush top looks nice on you and I love the mules!

  3. I think the blush top looks great. A punchier necklace (especially something that incorporates the green) might help you feel the blush is more balanced, perhaps?


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