Thursday, April 14, 2022

Review: Madewell Brightside Ruffle Tank Mini Dress.

 So, as I mentioned on Monday, I bought the Madewell Brightside Ruffle Tank Mini Dress which is too many words but it's a really cute dress! I'm keeping this review on the short side today because this week has been bonkers, but I wanted to show you this dang cute dress:

Here it is just by itself - the Brightside dress is a really simple tank-style dress with a tier at the bottom. I'm wearing a medium and it hangs perfectly without catching on my hips. The only thing that's annoying is that it's a tank cut that requires a racer-back style bra. I'm actually wearing a strappy sports bra because I don't have a regular racer-back style bra and don't really feel like buying one just for this dress. It works fine and I'm comfortable. Here's how I'd most likely wear this:

A casual look with my Madewell Sidewalk sneakers, a denim jacket (similar style) and my beloved Clare V Midi Sac. This is an easy street style look that suits me fine. That said, a little black dress seems is still a little black dress, so here's a dressier look:

Here I'm wearing my Madewell Harper mules, my MJ quilted single (similar and adorable style) and a longer tassel necklace. Nothing groundbreaking, but how cute is this? TRULY DAY TO NIGHT IF THAT WAS A THING I DID. Ahem. I ruined it because I'm always cold: 

It's still cute though, right? I feel like you can throw a denim jacket over almost anything and it'll work out okay. Here's a closeup of my necklaces and my face: 

My lipstick is the one I was just raving about - Dior Addict Shine 980 and I can't say enough nice things about it. I'm also wearing my Gorjana compass coin pendant and my Dean Davidson labradorite tassel. 

That's it for my review. It's a great, easy dress and I think it'll get a lot of wear this summer. 


  1. Love the lipstick! I remember being so enraptured by fashion magazine's "day to night" stories when I was like, 12. They really vastly overestimated the number of times such a transformation would ever be necessary in my life (the correct number is zero).

  2. Pockets? I dins Madewell dresses and skirts often lacking in this department

    1. I don’t think so, but I’m not home to check. I think probably not.