Tuesday, April 19, 2022

What I Bought: Weird Vacation Purchases.

Hello! I am back from a weekend trip to Seattle with Kate, my bestie from back home. We had a great time and, as is our tradition, we went shopping. We were near the Nordstrom flagship store which is straight ridiculous: magical and huge and a little terrifying. At one point the Westman Atelier lady put a lot of makeup on my face and then explained that Gucci Westman thinks you should buy two colors of the foundation stick. I mean, I'm sure she does. That's how she's a rich lady and I'm not. (The products were gorgeous but I got overwhelmed and fled without buying anything.) 

We looked at the clothes but it was all either crop tops or couture, so we tried on nothing. Then we wandered into the shoe department and I saw these and gasped:

Trust me, they are better in person and they're Naturalizer. I KNOW. They're part of the 27 Edit line which I like quite a bit. Anyway, I need a pair of professional but not soul-crushing shoes for job interviews (more on that soon) so why not red suede pumps? I was wearing my new Madewell jeans when I tried them on and they gave me such a cool French girl vibe that I immediately bought them. And there were Birkenstocks everywhere! Lots of them! And I didn't even try them on! 

I did try on a different color of my new favorite Dior Addict lipstick and with the help of a great sales assistant, settled on 628 Pink Bow only to discover they didn't have it in stock but I'll probably track it down or buy it online. 

Later, after a tidge of day-drinking we went to a Finnish boutique called Pirkko that I'd seen on a previous trip to Seattle, but it was after hours and closed. Not this time! We tried on all manner of kooky Scandinavian things and then we found the Henriette Steffensen fleece. You guys, this is not fleece like you would think. These are beautifully cut fashion pieces that feel like a hug. I loved this long cardigan but in the end, we both bought this odd and wonderful pullover that is basically all I want to wear. It's oversized but cut interestingly and I've already worn it twice. Here's a terrible hotel lighting shot:

Should I have spent that money on interview-appropriate clothing? Probably. Do I have any regrets? Not even remotely. I firmly believe that vacation purchases should be fun and we had FUN.


  1. I just got back from Seattle for a visit with my best as well...nice to get away. Love Matt's...love your pullover :-)

  2. I was also in that Seattle Nordstroms over the weekend. Visiting colleges with my daughter. That store was amazing. Totally fell for the Celine nano luggage bag. Our local Nordie's closed so getting their mac and cheese in the Cafe was the best. And if I had seen you there I would have totally fan girled and said "Looks Good from the Back?" to you.

    1. Aww, I'm sorry we didn't run into each other! The Celine bags were gorgeous. Everything there was gorgeous.

  3. the pullover comes with a necklace??!!??!

  4. Those shoes are boss. I bought a similar pair in fuchsia for a similar reason and they surprisingly enliven many things in my closet. I hope they bring you luck!