Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marianne: Presents.

For SOME REASON, people seem to think I'm hard to shop for. People like, say, my husband. Personally, I don't know how someone can have a blog half devoted to things they want, in addition to an Amazon wishlist AND an entire Pinterest board entitled, well, wishlist, and yet still get the "hard to shop for" label. Picky, yes. But I'm pretty vocal about what I like. 

Anyway, I digress. Because of this Hard To Shop For label, I often get gift cards for Christmas and birthdays. Let it be known that I am totally on board with this. I got a generous anthropologie gift card for Christmas and I bought myself some presents.
For starters, the scarf. I have been coveting Virginia Johnson's scarves for ages, but hello, I am not paying $200 for a scarf. I am not made of money. However, this wonderfully lightweight but warm scarf, with its painterly hiking scene, was more than half off at anthropologie. And then it was an additional half off, leaving it at $40. It's one of my new favorite things.
The top was actually in the lounge section, and was also half off the sale price, so $19. It's extremely soft and cozy. Semi shapeless, but I don't really care. The jeans are the Pilcro Stet and they are fantastic.  Pretty much perfect and I'd be happy if they came in more colors. Inkwell is pretty much black but has a deep blue undertone. The leg is cut perfectly, and the rise is great. My new favorite jeans, and relatively reasonably priced by anthro standards.

I got one other thing in this order, but that's the bulk of my Christmas purchases. What about you? Are you hard to shop for? Do people actually buy you clothes that you don't expressly tell them you want? With size and item number? How does that work, exactly?

coat: J. Crew (similar here)
scarf: Virginia Johnson (similar here)
booties: Biviel


  1. Same thing over here. I have to explicitly tell bf what I want for holidays. He still didn't get me my hula hoop. So steamed.
    Gift cards are great though! All about it! You got some real deals! I want to see the whole scene on the scarf!

  2. I don't think I'm hard to shop for because I feel like I like so many things but this year I got a few giftcards (which I also like!).

    I love those jeans. They look dynamite on your already great gams. Pretty scarf too!

  3. Thanks guys! Here's a shot of the scarf:

  4. I've been told I'm hard to shop for by my husband, but I am always showing him things I like, so I think he just forgets them by the time holidays and birthdays roll around :P Love the scarf!

  5. Oh gosh, what a great deal on the scarf! I stalked (and prowled, and stalked some more) in an effort to find that scarf...I'm glad someone did! It was the most fun in the bunch, I think.