Thursday, January 12, 2012


M: Is there a word for Wanting To Be Jenna Lyons? Something German?

A: Smorgasprep?
M: Hipstergeist?

M: Listen, I just want those sunglasses, okay?

A: Oh, they're good. I'm liking the anchor bracelet a lot too.

M: It makes me long for summer. Remember when I had a tan and could wear neon? That was fun.

A: Oh, summer. I want to wear red cropped jeans and sandals and feel the sun on my skin. I am currently kind of greeny-yellow and sightless like one of those deep sea fish.

M: Do you have one of those little dangly glow lights coming out of your head?

A: Yeah...wanna see it?

M: I'm skeered.


M: Neon BAGS. Not creepy neon fish.

Shoulder Bags by Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

A: I love that. But, as a child of the 80's I am just not sure I can do it again.

M: Oh, hush. Yes you can. Picture it with your cute khaki trench. Wait, don't. Picture it with MY khaki trench and get your mitts off my bag, GOD.

A: I want to try it! You said I COULD.

M: I changed my mind.

A: You know what I do like? Neon toes. That was my favorite thing about last summer:

Can I just see your bag just for a minute?

M: I am IGNORING you and back to daydreaming about actually showing my toes in public.


M: Why are you so bitey?

A: Because of this:

Satchels by Cambridge Silversmiths at ShopStyle



M: Going on my birthday list. I wish it was neon yellow a tiny bit, though.

A: Um, Cambridge Satchel Company does make that in neon yellow.

M: Well, DONE. You know my address. May 12th.

A: I...wait. What?

M: Sooooo super sweet of you to get that for me!

A: No.

M: It's going to look so good with a tan.

A: Sigh.

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  1. You guys are hilarious! And yes, I also fell prey to the siren call of neon - I got the Cambridge Satchel in orange.
    It looks beautiful but a bit stiff so you need to break it in a bit.