Friday, January 20, 2012

Move Over.


A: What are we doing here? What the hell am I wearing? Are these pants?

M: Are you a zombie? God, my legs look great.

A: You really do have nice leg...hi. Wow, are you cold?

M: I'd rather be cold than wear those pants, I'm sorry.

A: No, it's just that you seem to be snuggling with me. It's cool. You smell nice.

M: You are just so cuddly.

A: These pants things are pretty warm. I really thought I was going for a Lanphear thing but instead I think it's more Bride of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I can live with that.

M: They are so complicated, they make me tired. Maybe that's why I'm leaning on you.

A: Um, I have to pee.

M: What's your plan?

A: Panic?

M: If you pee on this bench I'll have to move.

A: You might want to move.


  1. If I were 20lbs skinnier I would wear those pants in a heartbeat! LOVE EM!

    and this is where you go... "you would"

  2. LOL... funny. I'm so clumsy, I might break a toe or two trying to put those strappy pants on.