Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We're back. Pinterested?

M: I just did a "mark all as read" on over 1000 posts in my Google Reader. Did I miss any particularly bad outfits or attractive men?

A: I haven't gone through all mine, but nothing comes to mind.  I'm glad we took a break- I didn't realize how much I needed it.

M: I didn't realize it, either. It was surprisingly nice to just unplug.

A: I'm still trying to catch up on my blog reading, though.

M: My reader gave me a panic attack and I cleared any blog with more than 5 entries.

A: I can't do it! I don't want to miss anything tragic.

M: I pinned all of our 2011 outfits onto their own pinboard.

A: Um, do I need to be on Pinterest?

M: I can send you an invite!

A: Well, thanks. This is pretty much all I've been doing for the past two hours.

M: Oh god, it is crazy addictive.

A: Busy. *pin* *pin* *pin*

M: Someone found us by searching "How To Wear a Skort" so I'll just be over here, dead.

A: I don't have a skort. DO YOU HAVE A SKORT? YOU CAN TELL ME.

M: NO. I just had a skirt that my mother THOUGHT was a skort. IT WAS NOT A SKORT.


M: I hate you.

A: No really, it's okay. I believe there are programs.

M: *La la la can't hear you. Busy looking at cast members of The Vampire Diaries and painting my nails.*

A: If you start posting nail photos I will quit you.

M: Nail photos and instagram photos, nonstop, if you don't can the skort talk. I'll do it.

A: NO TO INSTAGRAM. Seriously, I will QUIT YOU. I am very busy right now with the Pinterest, though, so I don't have time for your skort obsession anyway.

M: What did I tell you about Pinterest? When I first joined I was on it for three days. It was like something out of Trainspotting, but with pictures of rugs and ombre'd hair.

A: Its so funny, because when I first heard about it I was all, eh. Then I started pinning shit and I CANT STOP.

M: Just make sure to take breaks to pee and stretch your legs occasionally.

A: I am totally pining some sweet Landsend skort action just for you:

Source: via Adrien on Pinterest

M: The funny thing is, now that's connected to your Pinterest account. Not mine.

A: I shall include the description: "FOR MARIANNE WHO LOVES SKORTS"


A: I'm not the one claiming to be "a lady" in my profile.

M: *busily pinning Steampunk dresses for Adrien.*

A: Some of those are kind of cool.

M: I can't even talk to you any more.

A: I like the one with the see-though skeleton in the middle:

M: Over. We are OVER.

A: It's good to be back. I missed you.

M: I missed you, too.

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  1. Oh god, it's so addictive. I talked shit about Pinterest for a while, but then I finally got my invite and I've been pinning ever since. I'm such a hypocrite. And I'm way more excited than you both are on there so I can follow you.


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