Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adrien: In My Makeup Bag.

Recently Lisa Eldridge posted about what's in her makeup bag (also this one) which is the kind of thing I've always liked because I'm super nosy and always curious about what people carry around every day. So! Since Marianne and I like to be big ole copycats, we decided to show YOU what we lug around. All of it - the shiny new and the disgustingly shameful. 

Me first. My makeup bag is a Lesportsac pouch that could probably use a wash. I really like this brand because they're lightweight, indestructible, and often have a separate zippered compartment or two. (Also, you can find them at Marshalls and the like for way less than retail.)

So, here's the lot: 

Also (file this part under "yawn"):
  • a spare pair of contacts, Band-Aids, allergy meds, dental floss, and a tiny screwdriver for my sunglasses that are always fucking falling apart, MARC JACOBS

That's it! What does your makeup bag look like? What products can you not live without and what do you desperately need to toss?


  1. At my ripe old age of ANCIENT, I have found two life-changing products in 2012:

    1.) Laura Mercier foundation. I have never, ever had good luck with foundation. Because I have pale skin with red/pink undertones, all the yellow-based ones on the market made me look chalky, orange, or (awesome) both! Laura Mercier has a pink-based shade (rose ivory) that just works. It doesn't look like a mask, it just looks like my skin, only evened out.

    2.) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Holy shit. My eyeshadow used to crease by 10 am and disappear by noon. Now I can go out after work without re-touching my eyeshadow. It stays all damn day. No creasing, no fading. Best of all? It works just as well with cheap drugstore shadow as it does with pricier, higher-pigmented ones. When the Sephora cashier told me this stuff would change my life she wasn't joking.

    1. Primer Potion is really that good. I love it too.

  2. Oh, god. I carry an embarrassing amount of shit in my makeup bag because I often have to do my makeup in the car (where I can restrain my children). Right now I have:
    -full-size Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
    -Benefit Dandelion
    -Sonia Kashuk travel blush brush
    -Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow duo in Champagne Toast
    -L'Oreal True Match powder compact in W2
    -a highlighter marker? What?
    -3 or 4 random eyeshadow brushes of various filthiness
    -L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
    -Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker
    -Laura Mercier sheer lipstick in Baby Lips
    -a Halls cough drop in a shimmery powder-coated wrapper*
    -travel-sized bottle of Philosophy Amazing Grace
    -L'Oreal True Match concealer in W1-2-3
    -NARS Orgasm blush
    -old-ass NARS Dolce Vita lipgloss*
    -trial-size Neutrogena hand cream
    -Diorskin Nude concealer, which is empty, but I keep thinking I can squeeze one more application out of it*
    -Sonia Kashuk lipliner in Pink Whisper
    -Rimmel lipliner in East End Snob
    -Almay cream blush from before I had kids?*
    -Maybelline The Falsies mascara*
    -Anastasia brow powder duo in Golden Blonde, which I really should use sometime
    -Disgusting makeup sponge of questionable origin*
    -Sephora lipgloss sample in Bronzed Beauty*
    -Trial sized tube of Aquaphor
    -BeneFit sample compact of Boi-ing and Eye Bright from the Bush administration's second term*
    -Revlon ColorStay eyeliner in brown

    *I just threw all this shit away, so thanks!

  3. Girl. My makeup bag is a sandwich-size ziploc bag containing two Clinique eyeshadows I bought for my wedding (in 1999), a waterproof mascara that is now waterproof in the sense that it is a cylindrical brick of brown-black glurge, and some little pots of powder with related brushes that is part of a Bare Minerals set (purchased 200...6?). Oh and a cute blush bought within the last two years (I think) from Walgreens. Plus a Burts Bees tinted lip balm.

    Yes, really. Not exaggerating. I am fancy. I NEED HELP.

    1. Oh my God. Triage. We can help.

    2. I know you can! That's why I put that out there ...

      My mom HAAATES it that I don't "put on my face" every day; it's how I was raised. She herself always looks so nice. And I did it all through high school. But like three days into college, I realized that the equation was "sleep or makeup," and it being the early 90s and I pretending toward riot grrrrrlery, decided on sleep, and that was that. Now I'm 38, and it's not like I don't know I could freshen up a bit with a touch of this and that, but it's like -- I'm so so so out of practice, and can't imagine having the time, and spending the money, and won't it just all run into my wrinkles and make me look worse than ever by like 2:00?

      Utterly helpless, me.

  4. Ooh, I love this sort of post.

    I have a little Pendleton fabric pouch a friend made. In it:

    - Garnier SPF 15 Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in light/medium. I can't decide if I like it or if it makes me greasy.
    - Fresh Sugar Coral Lip Treatment
    - Clear mascara for eyebrows (label is worn off)
    - CG Lipslicks in "Hipster" -- can't remember the last time I wore this.
    - Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in "Yummy Plummy"
    - Sula Beauty Lip & Cheek Tint in "I'll Call You" -- I love the color and scent, but am suspicious of the tiny stray sparkle that appears when I use it.
    - LASplash mascara in electric blue -- after I bought this, I realized I had stumbled into a summer trend (according to the fashion magazines I bought to read by the pool on vacation). I get a lot of compliments on my blue lashes!
    - CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in "Warm Apple Cider." -- not really seasonal. Not sure why I'm carrying it around in 90-degree weather.
    - Fresh Sugar Plum - more of a fall color for me.
    - TWO tubes of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (one almost empty) - but no eyeshadow. Weird.
    - Sephora eyebrow/eyelash comb that folds -- hey! me, too!
    - Revlon Super Lustrous Matte lipstick in "Stormy Pink" -- this is my summer shade. I wear it when I remember to put on lipstick, unless coral appeals to me more that day.
    - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in "Lollipop" -- bought this when I lost my Stormy Pink for a few weeks. I like the texture. I am trying to wear lipstick more often, if you can't tell.
    - NYC Liquid Eyeliner in black. It's too hot to wear eyeliner these days.

    Boring - eyedrops, two dimes, a sample of Eucerin Smoothing Repair lotion from my dermatologist's office that I picked up because I can't resist samples (but have never opened), tube of Tylenol, small mirror,and a tiny sample package of mints from France.

    Also a wad of floss that my toddler removed from the package, which I promised myself I'd use but never did and now it's gross. Throwing it out NOW.

  5. oooh this is so much fun!
    Yeah! Why did we all stop using Black Honey? It's awesome!
    That Sugar lip stuff is great. I got the sample in a Birchbox & bought a full size one later and I went through it so fast it hurt my feelings.

    -Super cheap but I can't live without e.l.f.'s "cool bronzer". It doesn't have shimmer and really perks me up. The mirror is also big.
    -Milani 24 hour liquid eyeliner is my jam!
    -Sample sized everything from all those Birchboxes
    -Buxom mascara (wish they made waterproof)
    -NYX eye primer in white (really want to get the Urban Decay primer potion when I'm done with this)
    -like 10 dif lipsticks and glosses - I have a problem

  6. My make-up bag is an oval shaped plastic container, really the bottom of a container. I don't remember what I did with the top. I love my eye shadows from a company in France, which I buy at a place called Decouverte et Nature. They're "bio" meaning organic. They're in small roll-up tubes. I love them. Also, I have lip gloss and powdered blush from 100% Pure, which I buy on-line or at a Duane-Reade when I'm in NYC. They are really 100% Pure.I have eye liners pencils from Germany, any brand as long as they say Made in Germany. I check all cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers, etc. with the Skin Safety Data Base. What I can't give up is my Maybelline mascara, the one in the pink & green container. Nothing compares. I hope it's not full of something really bad for me, but then I've been using it for a very long time and I'm very old, so I guess it's not harming me. Oh, and the tinted moisturizer from 100% Pure is great. It has a sunscreen in it, too. I don't carry this around with me, obviously. When I travel, I take one of the eye shadows, one pencil, the mascara, and the lip gloss. That's it. I travel light.