Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marianne: In My Makeup Bag

So, as Adrien said last week, we're having some fun showing you all the stuff we're hauling around in our makeup bags. But after seeing her post, I'm...a little embarrassed. I keep a lot, LOT more stuff handy. In my defense, I don't carry my makeup bag with me, and it's pretty roomy, so...yeah. That's not really a defense.

ANYWAY, don't judge me. My makeup bag is from J. Crew and it's at least 4 years old. It's a very sturdy coated canvas material that appears to be bombproof, because it looks brand new. But whatever, you want to see what's inside, right?

That is a lot! And it's not even counting the random makeup in my train case that I rarely use. And THEN, I realized that I keep a few things in my purse, namely:

WHEW. That took ten years to put together. I like makeup, y'all. Did you already dish on the contents of your makeup bag on Adrien's post? If not, spill it! Make me feel like less of a product whore.

*these where all empty/dried out, so I tossed them afterwards!


  1. Ha! What's so wrong with being a product whore? Makeup is like the Barbie doll of grown-ups. You can never have too many/too much!

    P.S. I now have a list of new things to covet for my own makeup bag so thanks for that ;)

    1. Always happy to encourage the makeup purchases of others!

  2. These posts are my favorite! After reviewing my current list of favorite products, not to mention TONS of others- you are an AMMATURE- bahahaha! Anyways here some of my favorites for daily use:
    -MAC Studio Fix Concealer, NC15
    -Clinique BB Cream Shade 01
    -Skin 79 BB Cream
    -MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, NC20
    -Too Faced Leopard Love Palette
    -Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, Caviar Ink + Eyeliner brush (amazing!)
    - Shu Umera Eyelash Curler (the best)
    -Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow- Smoky Topaz + cream shadow brush
    -Bobbi Brown Extreme Party mascara
    -Urban Decay Eyeshadow- Baked, Half-Baked, and Smog
    -Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Miami Coral- this color is gorgeous.
    -Clinique Chubby Sticks- I'm on my third in 3 months!! I've tried Super Strawberry, Chunky Cherry, and now Mega Melon. I'm obsessed with these and wear them every day!
    Okay, so that's about everything. Sorry no links to the products, but e-mail me if you have any questions. I think it's safe to say I'm a Clinique and Bobbi Brown addict!

    1. This is just the stuff I use regularly! I can't even start with the lesser used products, it's embarrassing.

  3. I really need to get a purse sized/roller ball perfume thing. LOVE those.

    How do you feel about the Clinique Chubby Stick? Is it staining? Does it last and wear evenly?

    Love the NYX stick in Milk but haven't tried any other colors yet.

    1. The rollerball is my favorite! And I love the chubby stick. It's not staining, but longer lasting than your average balm. It feels great on and I love it for summer.

  4. Just wanted to point out that the makeup bag I posted is just what I carry with me! There's a much, much bigger one at home that doesn't travel.

  5. For someone who really only wears mac concealer, mac powder, occasional beauty tubes mascara, and maybe fresh sugar lip treatment, I have TONS of makeup in various different bags that I can't seem to throw out in case I want to experiment one day when I have time (HAHAHAHAHA), so I keep the few things I use in pencil cans in the medicine cabinet for easy access, along with the little concealer brush and the powder brush.

    Where I really am a product whore is in the what I put on my face at night. I'm an Origins girl, and I use their Checks & Balances wash, United State toner, Plantscription serum and eye serum, super lightweight Balanced Diet moisturizer, and Eye Doctor moisture cream. Seriously. In the morning, I put on an Olay sunscreen/light moisturizer, though, because the Origins ones all seem too heavy.

    What I actually drag around with me, though? Just the Fresh lip treatment or some Burt's Bees lip balm. I can't be bothered revisiting my face during the day.

  6. Love this full frontal view of your makeup bag! Query: is the Ouidad Taming Spray worth the price?

    1. It's one of those things I like, but I only use it occasionally and I'm not sure that I'll replace it when I run out. But I might. How's that for a helpful answer? I'd try the mini version first.

  7. Um, I carry that much stuff, all the time! I think I have five different full-size cheek stains, foundation, tinted moisturizer, two eye brighteners, liquid eyeliner, several mascaras, eye lash curler, lots of lip colors... at all times. In my bag. And I wear IT ALL. I have a problem.