Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marianne: Leopard love.

Whoops! Adrien and I were distracted by something shiny and forgot to blog for a day. I hope you all weren't too distressed.To reward you, here is an outfit I've already shown you and can't stop wearing!

But seriously, this skirt is so stupidly cute and comfortable and flattering. I pretty much have to stop myself from wearing it every week. But I do have a couple of new things to show you! Namely this super sweet typewriter necklace that I found at T.J. Maxx for $15 when Adrien was in town:
No way to take a picture of this without it being a chest shot
 And also these highly ridiculous peachy glitter sunglasses, which are also from T.J. Maxx and were 9 whole dollars. I just love them and I'm not even apologetic about it.

Have you guys made any late summer purchases? It's getting to that point in the season where I'm starting to think about fall, which is probably why all I've been buying lately is accessories and makeup. 

sunglasses: Nine West (similar here and here)
Typewriter necklace: unknown (but here is a similar one for under $30)
earrings: made by Adrien! Similar color here.
leopard skirt: no tag, but similar printed skirts here and here
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here and here)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs "Mag Bag" (similar)


  1. Love that shape of a skirt! SUPER flattering.

    Uhm, that necklace is adorbs!

    Yeah, I'm really ready for Fall but had to get a work wardrobe recently & luckily hit all the crazy Summer sales... with Fall in mind for mixing and matching future separates.
    Eh, put a blazer on it!

    1. It's hard to resist a really great deal! I'm just trying to focus on summery things that I can wear into the fall.

  2. That skirt is awesome. But in the interests of full disclosure, I have a small leopard problem. I only own (faded, VERY dark and muted) leopard print pants, heels, and a scarf, but they seem to go with everything, so I'm always wearing them.

    1. Ha! It doesn't sound like such a bad problem, as long as you aren't wearing them all at once.

  3. You look awesome! Very cool ensemble. I also love the necklace!

  4. Those sunglasses are FABulOUS