Friday, July 20, 2012

Cute Boy Friday + Fashion Scavenger Hunt

M: I know we usually make fun, but ugh, I love this:

source: The Sartorialist

M: Minus the tattoo. And maybe the hat.

A: Definitely minus the hat. I am very anti-fedora unless it's Don Draper.

M: God yes.

A: Right? Right. So. Right. But yeah, that dress is 100% you.

M: I want it! The sandals too. And the bag. And the bracelets. GIMME.

A: It's all really good! I even like her tattoo but maybe not with the dress.

M: I'm just not much for the vaguely tribal tattoos. What can I say?

A: I think she's pulling it off, but not with that outfit. It's a serious problem with visible tattoos.

M: Oh, Concerned Don is Concerned!

A: I am Concerned for Concerned Don. He's taking this way too seriously. It's just fashion! Chill, Draper.

M: Seriously, lighten up.

A: For some reason, I only find Serious Don hot. Smiling Don doesn't do much for me.

M: What, he's just having some fun.

A: I do love Convertible Don. A lot:

M: Definitely the best of the Off Duty Dons.

P.S. The first of our readers to ID that dress will get...something from me. Maybe a bracelet.

A: A challenge! I'm sure someone will come through for you.

M: Aaaaaaaaand....GO!


  1. It looks like it would be an ISSA dress, but I can't find the exact print/color.

  2. Convertible Don is the best - but really any Don will do.

  3. my heart is beating a little faster from looking at all of that draper.