Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adrien: Okay, FINE.

Okay, fine. Summer is over. I know I can't change the season so I might as well give into it, right? Try and find the silver lining and all that? And really, we know what the silver lining is - boots and coats, people. Boots and coats. While I don't love boot-and-coat weather, I do LOVE boots and coats. BOOTS AND COATS. YEAH.

Thanks to Nina, I already have a coat to be excited about. I was super in love with it last year when it was at Saks and would go visit it much like you would go to a museum to admire your favorite Rothko. So nice to look at but never going to be yours. Then! Nina found it deeply discounted at Saks Off 5th and was like, "YOU NEED THIS RIGHT?" And I agreed, I absolutely did. She bought it for me and it is just as great at I remember it being:

doesn't this model look dim?

DVF duffle coat in poppy, no longer available. (Similar)

I also found my short boots, y'all! Unfortunately I found them at Cole Haan, so still more than I want to spend:

Aren't they pretty? I should look for a code or three because damn. They also come in blue suede, but I would destroy those in a second.

Another thing I like about fall/winter is jeans. Unlike Marianne, I can't wear jeans to work, but Nina found me a pair of these (at the thrift store! $7!) and I am hoping I can wear them all trouser style to work with nice jacket and not get sent home:

Joe's Jeans Wide Leg Muse, no longer available. (Similar.)

I'm also looking to replace my sad, worn-out 7 for All Mankind bootcut jeans, and have my eye on this pair:

Any suggestions? 7 For All Mankind generally fits me pretty well but I'm not sure about a "curvy" cut, though my ass could probably use the room. See? I'm not all doom-and-gloom about fall but I'm sure as hell not going to run out for a pumpkin spice latte any time soon.


  1. Okay dim wit here...Who's Nina??! I just know it's a girlfriend I must have. LOL. Please don't make me go back to old posts and find out for myself. I promise to pay better attention from here on.

    1. Sorry, she's a friend of mine who has a magical shopping eye. Most of the good stuff I have is stuff Nina found.

    2. In that case, can I borrow Nina too? :-) I need to tell my girlfriends that they need to acquire some magical shopping eyes or else!! Think it'll work? Haha...

  2. Hmph we all need Nina! I've been reading your blog for two weeks but this is my first comment. You are really hilarious. I wish you were my best friend! I also hate those hideous pumpkin latte things!

  3. Adrien, are those jeans a size 27? And if Nina found them at a thrift shop in Richmond, those could indeed be "mine."

    Long story short, tried to sell them at Indigo Avenue. Never sold. Normally their policy is that if they don't sell, you have a certain amount of days to retrieve or they're donated to a thrift shop. Obviously never picked them up in time. And they were gone. So there's a chance you might have a of "my jeans." Which I lovingly bought on sale at Nordies with my discount eons ago and never got hemmed.


    But yes, we wanna see jeans outfit pics!

    1. Funny! They are a size 27 so I'll bet it's the same pair.

  4. If you have a Cole Haan retail or outlet store, chat up a sales person. That is the BEST store to score extra discounts with the staff! I always get at least an extra $50 off when I make a purchase ther. Good luck!