Monday, September 17, 2012

Marianne: NOT Regrettable Internet Purchases

After Adrien's post about her disappointing recent Old Navy purchases, I felt like I owed it to y'all to show you this dress asap. Because, you guys? This is a Very Good Dress!

There was real fear that it would be catastrophic on my figure, not to mention flammable feeling, but after I read the reviews I decided to take the chance anyway. I ordered the medium and the large and while the medium fit, the large bought me another inch in overall length, so that was what I am wearing here.

I'm also wearing my new precious locket, which my darling husband bought me for our anniversary after I pinned it a record three different times. He's a good guy.  

I can't wait to wear this dress with tights and boots later this fall. It's just so good. Do I need it in the other color? I fear that it's too close to my own skin tone. Also, how many feather print dresses does one girl need?

Lastly, what the HELL is going on in this picture? I look slow.

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  1. Oh, it's so good! And I LOVE the locket. Love.

  2. love the dress! and you're funny, linking it with "this is a very good dress." lol.