Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adrien: I Get It.

Okay, listen. This outfit doesn't work. I mean, it works in theory, it works on paper, it just doesn't work in real life. But I'm okay with it. The separate components all make me happy and sometimes that's the best you can hope for. This sweater is a layer-y, slouchy dream...but not when paired with a pencil skirt. It's just too much volume with no shape. But, paired with skinny jeans and heels? It's good stuff. I'll do that next time.

So, yeah:

Waist? Who needs one?

Right here! It's right here. 


More stuffs.

sweater: Ann Taylor double illusion sweater
skirt: Ann Taylor colorblock skirt (another cute colorblock skirt)
tights: Spanx Tight-End
shoes: Chie Mihara Serpan (similar) (a rare pair on eBay, size 6)
necklace: Forever 21 triangle charm necklace
bracelet: Forever 21 spike bracelet
bag: vintage LV (similar)


  1. Love your "stuffs". Especially the bag. So pretty.

  2. Totally know where you are coming from with the components not working when they should. I wonder if it would work tucked in? Not usually my style, but maybe?

    1. Unfortunately no - the skirt is really fitted and the sweater has too much volume (as well as a chiffon layer).

  3. you could do it with a belt, no?

  4. Okay I totally thought I commented on this outfit but I guess I didn't. I bet it's cuter in person when you're moving and 3D, though I think it's cute here too. And that's what I wrote before... at least in my mind...

    And then I come back today and see you and I have almost the same shoes though mine are from MiZ Mooz or Me Too or one of those brands and I have had them for years and always forget about them and never know how to style them. So you have inspired me to dust them off and try again!

    1. Wear the shoes! That pair is one of my favorites.

      And you're right, so outfits just don't work in photographs, though I'm not sure this one looked much better in 3D. Still...I kind of liked it.