Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adrien: Wrapped Up.

You know what sucks about gaining a little winter weight? It's knowing that all your spring clothes aren't going to fit. THAT IS JUST THE BEST. Actually, it makes me want to burn down my closet and just buy shoes to wear with my potato sack because shoes always fit. You hear that, clothes? Shoes always fit. Ugh, but a wrap dress is good for this too! A wrap dress is basically a really cute potato sack, happy to expand or contract as you need it to. While I don't agree they're universally flattering, I do think they're versatile.

My most recent favorite wrap dress was found for practically nothing on the sale racks at Ann Taylor and you guys, I can't say enough good things about it. It's well made, machine washable, has a cute DVF Jeanne collar, and, oh yeah, it fits. Get used to this one, I'll be wearing it a lot for the next month or so:

wrap dress: Ann Taylor tweed print dress (fancy similar here)
tights: Spanx Tight-End
boots: BP Trolley ankle boot (fancy similar here)
bag: Marc by Marc Mag Bag (similar MBMJ satchel here on sale!)
necklace: self-made


  1. Cute dress!

    Years back I had a big knee surgery where I was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks followed by months of physical therapy. Not sure if it was the 10 pounds I gained through that, age, etc but I went up an entire shoe size. It suuuucked having to get rid of a bunch of shoes I still loved.

  2. "Due to overwhelming popularity, this item is currently sold out." Way to GO Adrien. Quick work!


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