Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cliche Magnet.

A: Okay, I know this is a whole outfit full of fashion cliche but I like (almost) everything about this:

source: The Sartorialist

M: I would wear this right now this very second GIMME THOSE SHOES AND NO ONE GETS HURT.

A: I KNOW RIGHT. And there's something so satisfyingly early-90s about matte black tights with clunky shoes. I'm showing my age.

M: Hush. It's perfect. Her hair has Seasonal Affective Disorder, though.

A: Yeah, and are we still doing arm parties? But the coat! The bag! THE SHOES.

M: Extremity parties make me tired.

A: I tried a neck party once and it made my head real tired. That sounds dirtier than I meant it to.

M: Yeah, no one wants to hear about your exhausted head/neck areas.

A: Well! Excuse me. I will just keep my extremity party details to myself I guess. You aren't invited.

M: I'm just saying, maybe don't tell people about your neck parties making your head tired.

A: It's like this one time, when I tried to put a collar on Stella and she hit the ground like I'd tied a weight around her neck. Like that.

M: HA. I'm surprised she didn't kill you in your sleep.

A: Me too. No neck parties for that cat!

M: Or anyone.

A: Ever.


  1. Can we talk about this one? This is a joke, right? I think we have gotten to the point where people in FASHIONABUHL cities are just actively trolling the Sartorialist.

  2. That cat/collar part really cracked me up :)

  3. Any clue what brand those shoes are? I need them in my life.

    1. I'm sorry, I have no idea! They are great, though.

    2. At first I thought they were Chloe or Jeffrey Campbell, but I can't find anything that's *quite* right.