Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marianne: Give Me a Break.

There is a lot happening here.There is leggings-as-pants happening. There is a blue/brown/black combo happening. But you know what? I am really comfortable and I love my new shirt and I'm pregnant and it's February and grey outside and leave me alone.
Also, this picture makes my belly look enormous because of how my coat is hanging in the back. It's getting bigger, but it's not THAT big. I hope. It's definitely happening.
What say you? Do I get a pass on the leggings-as-pants? I don't know how I feel about it but god, it's comfortable and my maternity jeans sent me into fits yesterday. I am ready for it to be warm enough to wear dresses without doing battle with maternity tights.
shirt: ASOS Maternity Breton Stripe, which is on sale! (non-maternity version for a great deal here)
jacket: Doki Geki (similar here)
leggings: Old Navy Maternity (also here are my favorite non-maternity leggings)
scarf: via eBay (very similar here for $9)
boots: Frye Melissa Button Boot, which are on sale (even cheaper in black!)


  1. this look is awesome - with the longer coat and the scarf tying it all together - you rock

  2. Each time I was pregnant, I broke that leggings-as-pants rule by 6 months. Once YOU can't see your crotch, I think it's Game On.

    Frankly, if you're dealing with possible varicose veins, swollen ankles, constant peeing, broken sleep, heartburn, frequent vomiting, and the humiliation of having to let someone else pull your boots (and compression tights) on for you, then you can wear leggings, sweats, stained tees and even hell, scrunchies, and you still get a pass from me.

  3. BTW you actually look adorable. But I do think you know that :)

  4. Cute outfit - love the leopard and the stripes, and of course the boots. I'm still enjoying (Georgia) winter - am I the only one???