Monday, February 25, 2013

Adrien: Let's All Be Comfortable.

Something is going on with me where I'm suddenly obsessed with All Things Grey and the closer to a sweatshirt it is, the better. I think maybe I've just given up, guys. I want to ride out the rest of winter wrapped in bleak cotton terry comfort. But I really like grey! Especially the pale heather kind of grey, it's like my version of wearing a pastel color. (It's a stretch. Just humor me.)

First, I want to tell you guys that I bought this:

And it's GREAT. I mean, it's a sweatshirt, but slighter cuter than your average, well, sweatshirt. (And Gap has a 30% off code today! Go git you one.)  I also waited impatiently for a coupon code so I could buy this Madewell dress:

It hasn't arrived yet and I fear it's going to be a little young for me, but I love what a great blank canvas it might be. So cute with red or purple or teal, right? Yes. I also have my eye on this one:

It's grey and cotton and has a tiny stripe! All my favorite things. There is also an actual literal sweatshirt dress from Gap:

But we can all just agree that would be a real-life disaster right? Awkwardly placed pockets, and the banding at the bottom just makes me nervous. I thought this one looked pretty awesome in a cozy-sack kind of way:

...until I read the description. The idea, just the IDEA, of wearing angora/wool blend anything makes me want to scratch my skin off. Who can wear that stuff? I mean who? Ugh.

Finally, to round it all off I am feeling like I need a little grey bag. Something neutral but cute. Maybe this:

Oooh. Definitely that.


  1. I bought 4 items of clothing this weekend and 3 were grey (the 4th item was black). I think it's a winter thing.

    I love that Madewell dress so much.

  2. I can't stop laughing for two reasons: 1, one time my best friend went on a date and when she asked the guy what the dress would be like where they were going he told her he was wearing a "dressy sweatshirt". We have mocked that term ever since but evidently the joke is on us! and 2) the woman in the last dress (the itchy one) is either very annoyed at having to model this dress or was just rudely awakened. Either way, it has made my day.

    1. Look at her arm, she's itchy! That dress is a dressy sweatshirt nightmare.

  3. My closet used to be filled with black and now it's filled with gray. I don't know why I have such an affinity for gray all of a sudden. I can't really blame it on winter because it started last fall.

  4. I recommend the Gap sweatshirt dress. I fell hard for it and I love it. I even received compliments on it when I just wanted the comfort. Considering getting it in another color.


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