Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Denial.

A: I'm obsessed with lightweight sweatshirts all of a sudden? Like, I want this:

A: It's a $110. For a sweatshirt. A. Sweat. Shirt.

M: Gurrrrrrrl.

A: I know! It's just stupid. Luckily the Gap has a couple that look cute and are cheap:

A: I mean, we're talking about a cotton sweatshirt. I haven't entirely lost my mind.

M: I do love a nicely cut sweatshirt. And that James Perse one is destined to show up at my TJMaxx in about 6 months, I'm betting. I can't shop for clothes, but you know what I can shop for? Bags. I am suddenly in Dire Need of a green bag:

A: Oh! I LOVE that color. Green. OooooOohh. I'm all obsessed with blue and would like this, please:

M: ADRIEN THAT BAG. It is making me all mouth breathy and is also almost one thousand American dollars.


M: Speaking of pretty colors, this Saffron bag is also dreamy. Oh, SPRING COME TO ME.


M: Hey, it seems practically affordable compared to yours.

A: No! I meant talking about spring. It will never be here. Never. I bought these last week:

Dolce Vita Isolde sandal (on sale for $24!)

 Hoping it would bring spring but then it started raining ice.

M: Yes I bought those in green and then the next morning it was 54 degrees. INSIDE MY HOUSE. Anyway, I just saw this on someone in real life and it's SO CUTE and like $27:

A: Oh that's great! Magic dress territory! I want the animal print version RIGHT NOW.

M: Considering I have many more months before I can wear normal clothes, I think you need to buy it and wear it for me.

A: I will do that for you. Because that's how much I love you.

M: Aw, thanks man.

A: Um, you know you're just asking me to buy and wear something I already want to buy and wear, right?

M: Humor me.


  1. Love your guys conversations and I'm also loving everything you posted. I want a new bag SO bad.

    1. "Want a new bag" is pretty much a constant for me. Yes.

  2. I love those sweatshirts too. I bought a similar one from Anthropologie and paid a ridiculous $78 only because I had a gift return credit. It's already started to pill = stoopid Anthropologie. Whoorl had a photo of herself in that Target dress and also, love it.

    1. I ended up buying the first Gap one listed up there. It's pretty cute. And Whoorl looks great in that dress! I need to go find it, STAT.

  3. Dang, I am already thinking about buying myself the Too Hot to Handle hobo bag in peacock for Christmas.

  4. In my world, on a cost per wear analysis, I SHOULD spend $100 on a sweatshirt, and only $10 on a nice dress..

  5. I almost tried that dress on the other day. Maybe I should have.

  6. You all are feeding the fire over here. You've got me looking at Marc Jacobs purses and now I see that Hobo comes in Lipstick Red! Will you visit me in the poor house?