Friday, February 22, 2013

We Have Confessions.

A: I was tricked into seeing the new Die Hard movie which was predictably awful. Except for this part:

M: There's a new Die Hard? Anyway, I am reserving judgement on that fella until I see more pictures.

A: Yeah. It was unnecessary. Boom:

M: He has very nice arms. The face isn't doing it for me, but nice arms.

A: He is a bit unformed in a Branson kind of way, I agree. But arms! ARMS:

A: We'll pretend his name isn't Jai Courtney.

M: I was literally about to say something about that.

A: Derp.

M: "I have tiny, Hobbity hands!"

M: I have kind of a hot guy confession.


M: Well, the first confession is I watch The Vampire Diaries.

A: Oh please, like we all don't already know that

M: SHUT UP. ANYWAY. I kind of love this guy. I think he taps into the girl in me that loved Spike on Buffy?

A: Well...he's very pretty. (And I loved Spike too.)

M: I cannot find a picture of him that I like. His character is evil and awful and dirty and kind of wonderful.

A: Um, this is making me want to watch Vampire Diaries. Please shut up.

M: Not sorry.

A: Look, here he is resting after a grueling afternoon of shopping at Home Goods:

M: Listen, he just enjoys a good deal on lamps. NO SHAME IN THAT.

A: I'm just saying.

M: You just need to watch the show, okay?

A: Yes ma'am.


  1. But seriously, you need to watch the show. You need it more than that pair of shoes you are thinking about.

    To bide your time until the above pictured Klaus comes on the scene, you can go between Damon and Stefan for who gives prettier face. (A: Stefan).

  2. Okay, YES, everyone should be watching Vampire Diaries. YES! Although the current season kind of sucks. But Klaus doesn't do it for me. Actually, nobody really does (on Vampire Diaries). Sort of Matt, but not really. Damon every once in a while, but... I'm pretty sure he wears a hairpiece... None of them could ever hold a candle to Spike.

  3. LOL Klaus after shopping at Home Goods. And yet I don't doubt it for a second. That show is full of wonderful, wonderful hotties. Elijah is my fave.

  4. bani says: My eldest watches VD and sometimes I come in and sit down beside her on the sofa and ask stuff like which one is that? wasn't she a vampire? who was he in love with? how come they can be out in sunlight? until she SNAPS at me and texts all her friends to tell them what a sad lame mother type I am and nowadays she just watches it on the computer in her room instead.

  5. Two words Ladies....Sullivan Stapleton. You should watch the show called Strick Back, but not with the littles. You might not know his name now, but you will...SOON.

  6. Sorry - STRIKE BACK. Monday hates me.