Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adrien: Superlatives.

So, with the change back to standard time comes a change in location since my usual place is now too full of eye-searing direct stupid sun. I shake my fist at the sky and marvel at how much my photos look like high school senior "casual" portraits. (Go ahead and Google that. I'll wait. It's worth it.)

Voted:  Most Likely To Stand in a Field

I'm pretty happy with all this, though. I'm wearing my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket with a Calvin Klein scarf I recently found at Ross. (It's not online, but I love this one.)  My boots are Frye Melissa Back Zip in cognac and my jeans are 7 For All Mankind slim cigarette. (These will get their own review soon.)

The sweater I'm wearing is one I picked up at the J.Crew warehouse sale a few years ago.I think it's the Boyfriend Sweater?  It's my absolute favorite even though it pills like crazy. Soft, thick, pilled-to-hell cashmere is how I roll these days. I also want this one even though I know better.

 And, oh! My necklace. It is c/o of a lovely reader Mima who has an Etsy shop called InfinEight. Here's a closeup:

I'm wearing the Vertex - Long Geometric Necklace and I love it. Right now Mima is offering free shipping in her shop with code LOOKSGOOD just for you guys! Thanks, Mima! Yay for handmade things.

Voted: Mostly Likely To Wear Boots


  1. Would be more hs casual if you leaned on a tree. Love that color on you. Oh j crew cashmere with its questionable quality

  2. I love J Brand skinnies. They're comfy and yet have a Spanx-like effect, too.

    These look great on you.

  3. Is your sweater 100% cashmere, or Jcrew's cheaper Dream blend? My 100% cashmere sweaters don't pill much -- mostly on the side where I carry my purse. But my Dream sweaters shed like they are secretly feline. Which is a shame because they make a lot of their cutest stuff in that blend, but I refuse to fall for it anymore.

    1. I got it from the warehouse sale and cut the tags out, but I do remember that it was 100% cashmere. It could be a men's sweater for all I know! I still love it, despite the pills.


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