Friday, November 22, 2013

We Won't Shut Up About Sleepy Hollow.

A: Why is he crying?

M: Maybe he is cold.

A: Rheumy eyes. Boner killer.

M: This is...not attractive. Next, please!

A: More Mison?

M: He's very sparkly.

A: Hey, at least he's not crying.

M: Oh, sparkly is a good thing. He's adorable. Orlando Jones, too. And the new guy.

A: New guy? I haven't gotten to the new guy yet.

M: Morales. I think he replaced the very dead Harold.

A: Oh, that guy! Yeah, no

M: He is not really my type but nice looking!

A: You've got me so obsessed with this show. Mostly it's about Mison for me, though.

M: Oh he is by far the best. By far! Also I think Lt. Mills must be about 4'11". She comes up to his shoulder and always wears MEGA heels.

A: Well, it doesn't help that he's 6'1". But yeah. Tall drink of Mison:

M: Her knees hit him mid-shin. Tiny!

A: She's badass though. I love that show. See? I listen to you.

M: I am really so pleased! I knew you would love it. Now if you would just watch Friday Night Lights.

A: One day. Lets not get too crazy.



  1. Ok, I feel I can admit my SH obsession to you two. Actually, it's more of a Tom Mison obsession. I even joined Tumblr so I can follow all these people who basically just post pictures of him all day. It's the 41-year-old version of tearing his photo out of Bop magazine and putting them on my bedroom walls. There's something about his hands.....ok, I'll stop now since I'm starting to embarrass myself.

  2. Those last two pic's? DROOOOOOL!

    *off to get paper towels for my keyboard*

  3. Okay, you got my attention with Morales and the Friday Night Lights hotty. I forget his name, but who cares!! YUM!

  4. Don't you talk about my Hiddleston that way.

    I am totally with you on the Mison bandwagon, though. Binge watched the entire thing this Thanksgiving weekend and I am HOOKED.