Monday, November 4, 2013

Adrien: Surprise.

Oh hey! I was on vacation all of last week and before I left I got photos of my outfit. It seems so long ago and I couldn't actually remember what I was wearing so it was a happy surprise to see that I managed to pull off something pretty good:

Not bad, right? my insanely bright sweater is the Tipped V-Neck Cardigan from BR. I thought it was going to be an orangey-red but no, it's super orange! I have decided to love it and wish I'd bought one in black before it sold out. I might get it in navy. It's good.

I'm wearing a Rebecca Taylor blouse  from last fall that I fell in love with even though it requires dry cleaning. The things you do for love. (I love this one too because who can have too much python?) The jeans I'm wearing are James Jean Couture Skinny and my boots are an old pair of Frye Tina Campus which are really similar to the Jane and Jackie styles. Lady boots!

My bag is an old MBMJ but Marc comes out with a really good purple bag every year (and there's always eBay.)

That's it! Let's hope I can pull it off again sometime.

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