Monday, November 11, 2013

Buy this! Lorac Solid Gold Palette

I'm a big fan of the blog Brightest Bulb in the Box and basically take Robin's reviews as gospel, and I've noticed that she often sings the praises of the eyeshadows from Lorac. So, when I found the Lorac Solid Gold Palette for just $12 on Ulta, I bought it without even thinking about it. And y'all, it is good. For less than the price of one shadow (and WAY less than Lorac's other palettes) you get 5 shades that are super wearable, long lasting, and perfect for the holidays (or, you know...Mondays). It's a really nice size and has a good mirror, and the pans are HUGE. I even took a crappy cellphone pic of it next to my Naked 2 palette so you can see how generously sized they are.
Naked 2 on the left, Lorac Solid Gold on the right
So, go! Go buy the Lorac Solid Gold Palette, and buy one for a friend while you are at it (I seriously just ordered 4 for Christmas presents). I also might have ordered the Lorac Platinum Status Palette, which seems like it's the same premise with cooler colors. I mean, $12. That's a crazy good deal, y'all.


  1. Nooooo!!!!!

    OK, actually I was doing a good job resisting this palette because the shades look really, really warm, but then I checked out the Platinum palette and the colors look really nice.


  2. Big LORAC eyeshadow fan. I got hooked with a palette from Sephora and I loved it so much I bought the same one again when the original wore out. Looks like an Ulta field trip is in my future ...


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