Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sephora F&F! Is Why We Are Broke.

A: The Sephora VIB 20% off F&F* starts tomorrow. This year I've decided to go for it and just buy the shit I never let myself buy.

M: Ooooh, like WHAT? I am going to get myself a real Clarisonic Mia. My fake one broke.

A: DEWIT. For one, I'm buying another GD Fresh Plum Sugar lip thingy because its very annoying to live without it even though it's too expensive for what it is.

M: Dang it, the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso is sold out. My friend Lili said it's life changing. Maybe I'll try it in Fiery instead?

A: Go for Fiery! And now I want that too even though I know what will happen.

M: You won't wear it?

A: I will put it on crooked and it will set before I can't fix it and then I will basically destroy my lips trying to get it off. Not that I've done this or anything. Nope.

M: That definitely doesn't sound like something you would do. Ahem. Oh, I also want the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation even though I still love my Smashbox stuff because I am FICKLE.

A: Cheater! I still love the Smashbox stuff, though I'm worried about how my skin will react in the winter months. Hate winter.  I'm going to order more of my Nars concealer because I still dig it. Unless there's one that's better? I'm a concealer whore.

M: See, you are fickle too. I want to be one of those women who is devoted to a certain product but it's just not happening.

A: I have a few things that I will love forever but otherwise I'm always convinced the Next Best Thing is out there. Like, I need shampoo and conditioner. I might try the Living Proof Full stuff.

M: Living Proof is supposed to be great stuff for you straight hairs.

A: I already like their No Frizz line, but it works best when it's rainy/humid out.

M: The Prime Style Extender or whatever it's called has been so revered by some of my Twitter friends that it makes me want to try it even though it is clearly not for my hair.

A: Ohhhh, I want to try that badly. Maybe I get that too. I'm also (finally) going to by the Benefit High Brow because I've wanted it for eighty years.

M: Did the fake NYX stuff not work?

A: Oh, that's kind of a different product? Though they do make a pencil that's closer to the Benefit stuff. This one. Remember? You made fun of the name.

M: Oh right. It's hard to keep track of what I have made fun of.

A: Mmm hmm. What else are you going to buy? TELL ME.

M: Well honestly, the Mia, foundation, and lip stuff has already put me over my spending limit. I'm out of my individual false eyelashes that I use for video shoots but that's it.

A: I think that's a fair haul. Now I'm waffling on the High Brow. SEE? This is why I never buy it.

M: Have you tried it before? It kind of sounds like bullshit to me.

A: All Benefit products sound like bullshit to me.

M: Truth.

*Don't kill us but you have to have VIB status to get this discount. Sephora is mean. 


  1. Love LOVE Living Proof (I use the damaged one because my hair has been processed a lot and it's AMAZING). I got a Mia last Xmas and love it--so worth it. Wish I had VIB status, but it seems that I don't :\ Enjoy your splurges!

  2. I have an extra Sephora coupon for a "Friend" that I'm willing to share with someone here. It's supposed to work online. (Comment here, I guess?)

    Generally I am a fan of Benefit products, but I didn't like the highlighter. I use L'Oreal's Magic Lumi.

  3. Ha - I did the same the other week and bought new makeup brushes that I had been putting off and off - you won't regret the Mia! x

  4. Share with me CarlyRM! My email is, thank you so much if you can share it!

  5. Okay, so I am VIB member but never recd an email or code!
    What the heck!?!

  6. Sent you an email Kristin!

  7. Love the Living Proof thickening mousse for my fine, straight hair. I used to use the shampoo and conditioner but finally quit because it's expensive and didn't feel like it was getting my hair clean. The thickening cream is not so good in my opinion (smells nice, but not much volume going on), but the mousse is awesome. Totally love it and can not live without!! Buy it!!

  8. VIBTOPIA should work for 20% off if you have VIB status!

  9. I thought I was a VIB member with 570 points but the code doesn't work for me sadly...
    Happy shopping ladies :-)

    1. Are you registered as a 'beauty insider?" If so, I would email or call them!

    2. I am...I just wonder if my points are maybe carried over part from last year and then some from this year? Maybe that's why..not sure :-) I was all ready to buy and then..nothing. lol

  10. So I've been curious about those little scrubbing tools for the face- how do you like it for winter? I always imagine you have to be super careful not to just sand away the entire face.... (then, being me, I look at that and go "so its a circular sander?" Too much DIY as a child)

    Anyway, would you recommend it ? (I have dry-ish skin, which is super picky about moisturizer levels- there's just right and then there's Professor Snape kinda greasy- and spottier than a nearly-thirty year old ought to be.)