Thursday, November 7, 2013

That Looks...Comfortable.

A: What is happening here? And, what? Is happening? Here?

M: I just. Those jeans. Those everything.

A: I don't UNDERSTAND. The sweater is fine? The shoes, while not my taste, are certainly fashiony. Why go ironic just in the middle? All or nothing. ALL OR NOTHING.

M: I am sure they are very comfortable.

A: Those literally might be her boyfriend's jeans. If she's dating Dexy's Midnight Runner.

M: While I would not wear them if you paid me (the horrors!), it's kind of refreshing, really. Comfort!

A: Those shoes undo any comfort she might be feeling.

M: The shoes are the only thing keeping it from being a house painting outfit. From the Delias catalog in 1993.

A: My house painting outfit comes from Target. Circa 2003.

M: I have a feeling she paid...more than 2003 Target dollars for that.

A: I'm just way, way ahead of the game here. Bring it, designer lounge pants with a sagging elastic waist!

M: Let's do this, saggy banded waist sweater!


A: But seriously, she looks cray.


  1. If that person wasn't so thin, and if the photo wasn't so well-composed and other photographer-y things, that's the sort of image you'd see on People of Walmart.

  2. The boyfriend jeans need to go back to the boyfriends. This outfit is totally hideous. It's like a 80's-90's mash-up of my nightmares.

  3. Worse yet, she's wearing tinted aviator glasses.

  4. Replies
    1. THAT. That should've been the title. Dammit.

    2. You realize that song is now IN MY HEAD. Where it will remain for DAYS. Sigh.