Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Marianne: There Must Be Some Toros In The Atmosphere

I should probably apologize for the Bring It On reference, but I don't apologize for loving Bring It On and neither should you.
Anyway, it's cold, but photos look better outside so here I am freezing my rear end off so I can show you my cute new dress. I already owned this Gap printed split-neck dress in the polka dot pattern and I couldn't resist buying it in the raindrop pattern as well when it went on sale. Honestly, I find it so be so comfortable and flattering that I'm seriously considering the solid color as well. And okay, this print too, I'm a fashion completist.
At least my kid is dressed for the weather. Okay, fine, I'll put on a jacket since my husband is rolling his eyes at me. This is an ancient Jason Wu for Target swing jacket that I never wear but suddenly I like it. I guess my hoarding is paying off? If you like the look this is a really cute swing jacket and this dove grey color is a close match. (Also this came up in my search and I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous it is.)
On my feet are my most favorite Frye Lisa boots because they are still the best. These are pretty close though. I should have switched bags, I KNOW. I am lazy and tired and I have time to think about one accessory a day, so today it was a super sparkly number from GroopDealz (affiliate link warning but come on, you are used to it by now). This one is pretty similar.
I have tights on but they are Spanx nude fishnets, which are kind of surprisingly warm. Well, they are better than nothing. Ugh, cold! I hate winter.


  1. You look fantastic! Love the tights with the boots. And your hair continues to be fabulous! What color are you wearing on your lips?

    1. Thank you! It's Revlon Just Bitten in Smitten. My favorite!

  2. Frankly, the fact that you quote Bring it On only makes me <3 you more.

  3. Bring It On and Mean Girls references should NEVER be apologized for.

  4. Yep. Never apologize for Bring It On. That movie is classic.


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