Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Adrien: Cardigan Addiction is No Joke.

You guys probably don't know this about me but I actually own quite a few jackets. I do! There they hang in my closet, a row of sad little pound puppies looking at me like, "Maybe today? Maybe today is the day you love me again?" And then I pick a cardigan and the jackets slink back into a corner and oh my God, what the hell am I even talking about. ANYWAY, here is one of my jackets that I haven't worn on the blog in nearly two years:

I'm not really sure why I buttoned it like that because it's not really working, except to give me some shape. This jacket is from the Gap from maybe five years ago? A long time ago by Gap standards. (This one is similar and this one is pretty freaking nice. This one is hurting my feelings A LOT.) Here's what it looks like unbuttoned: 

Better, but it would probably look more appropriate worn over something super-simple? Who cares, it's not a cardigan. The dress I'm wearing is BCBG (similar purple print dress here) and I've worn it a ton. 

My boots are Camper, which are a great option if you have slim calves. (This year's version here.) My bag is an old Andrea Brueckner Aspen satchel and it's my version of the beautiful Mulberry Bayswater bag I'll never own. Whee! Maybe I'll wear a jacket again one day.


  1. I actually think it looks cute buttoned! And I similarly neglect my jackets in favor of cardigans

    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure if it looked weird over the dress.