Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gift Guide For Your Sporty Spice.

Oh God, can you stand one more? This is really more of a "list of things Adrien loves and/or wants" rather than a strict gift guide, but I figure it would help if you're looking for a gift for the Mel C. in your life. Plus, if you'll remember from this post I am really picky about athletic apparel and equipment because so much of it is odd or just super-terrible.

First, I have to give some love again to my favorite sorta-local cycling apparel company, Road Holland. I'm still a huge fan of my Harlingen jersey and now they have a brand new jacket that is killing me:

It looks so good, you guys. Attractive and warm with a wind-blocking front layer. It would make an excellent gift. For me. And, they are offering 25% off right now with code SALE25 (or 35% off with code SALE35 on orders of $250 or more.)

If you're looking more in the stocking stuff arena, this Camelbak insulated water bottle is basically the best ever. THE BEST:

It's insulated, doesn't leak, has a Camelbak bite valve, and will last forever unless someone swipes it in the gym locker room which happened to me last year. I WILL FIND YOU, BOTTLE THIEF. Ahem. They're good for cycling or just general gym-going and there's a sleek stainless steel version if you don't dig the plastic.

Alright, my next suggestion is going to be controversial, but hear me out. Lululemon. I know. I know. But, the stuff they get right they really get right and if you're looking for a gift for someone who takes a lot of spin classes, this top is quite good:

It's super airy and meshy but has a high neckline so you don't have to worry about showing all your business when you bend over the handlebars. Unless that's your thing, in which case this tank is what you want. It was my absolute favorite... until they installed mirrors in the spin studio.

If you lift weights you probably know that you shouldn't be doing it in running shoes. Many people swear by Vibrams but I can't handle the toe-shoes because I am not a Hobbit. Instead, I compromise by wear Nike Frees and I'm seriously tempted by the leopard print version they have right now:

I think that's actually the running version, but I don't care. I want them.  Waaaaannnttttt. They would also make a nice gift for someone who is not me, if you must.

Another ABSOLUTE for the weight room, aside from a well-rehearsed bitch-face, is music. I've had the same little iPod shuffle for years and it's still going strong. The new version is way fancy:

And less than $50! That is a nice gift right there.

If you have an endurance athlete who's stocking needs stuffing (that sounds dirty) I would skip the grody gels and go for the Margarita Clif Shot Bloks:

They are tasty enough that your giftee won't wait until they're in full bonk before eating one.

Another thing that's always in my gym bag is one of these YogaRat Microfiber hand towels

They are small and lightweight and perfect for the gym-goer who's stupid gym doesn't provide towels (like mine. Hi, Golds! You suck.) They dry quickly and are also great to stash in your car for those time when you accidentally spill coffee all over the place or whatever.

 So, that's it! The last freaking gift guide you'll ever want to read. Please stop crying.


  1. Gold's Gym doesn't provide towels? Gross! What if the jerk using the equipment before you forgets hers? does she just not towel the machine off?

  2. You know what other shoes are surprisingly good for weightlifting? Chuck taylors. I was wearing running shoes to the crossfit place where I work out and they were not working very well (Like, I'd just started doing some of the workouts barefoot not-well) and one of the instructors said that lots of people just wear chucks. I thought he was messing with me but I already have way more pairs of them than a person needs so I gave them a go and so far so good.

    So... for the weightlifting hipster on your list...

    1. Yes! I have heard this. They're perfect for weight lifting - flat and minimal. I just can't imagine wearing them for cardio afterwards so I haven't gone that route yet.

  3. OK, I'll be the first to bitch at you about recommending Lululemon. I would rather eat glass than give my hard-earned money to a company with an overly cutesy poo name that is run by woman-hating, Randian shitheels. There are lots of other companies that make clothes useful for spinning. I usually wear my running shorts, a running bra, and a regular old synthetic t shirt, because I am a slob. When I'm really fanc,y I wear my Zella leggings. Come on, A.

    1. Fair enough, I knew I'd get shit for this. Look, if I stopped shopping at every single company with questionable politics I'd have to shop...almost nowhere. I have two pairs of LL pants that I've been wearing on a weekly basis for four years. Four years! I can't say that about any other brand I've tried and I've tried a lot of them. I probably wouldn't buy the pants now since they've cheaped out on the Luon material, but this one top (and we're talking about one top!) is pretty good. It's hard to find spin tops that fit me correctly and have a high neck so I buy one when I find it.

    2. If you are looking for an alternative, I highly recommend you try Victoria's Secret VSX supermodel pants. I use them for spin frequently, and I've also had the same pair for about 4 years that I have washed/worn at least once a week. They wick away sweat, don't pill at all, and are completely opaque. They have capri length as well as (usually) petite and tall lengths. Wait for the semi-annual sale, and they will go down to maybe $30. Sometimes they have crazy patterns on the waistband, but the rest in black, so who cares? I've tried other brands, and none have performed as well!